They said goodbye to fire.

Now they deal with ice.


When Yoongi was turned from a dragon into a human, he wanted to return to his beast form.

Now Namjoon has been turned into a dragon, but he desperately wants to be turned back into a human.

So he will seek a suitable heir to inherit the dragon power from him, despite a great many attempts his friends have tried to stop him.

Will he succeed?



Part 2 of Ablaze

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"I can't swim," Jimin says loudly, standing by the bank of the lake. "I may look like I know what I'm doing but the truth is I'm not that perfect."

"Jimin, that's enough. It's dangerous to stand there."

"I don't care, Yoongi. I'll do whatever I want. I'm not afraid."

"If you fall, I can't help you. I don't know how to swim either."

"Well, then," Jimin smirks. He spreads his arms to the side as if he's about to fly. And before he falls, he says, "Watch me die."

"Jimin!" Jimin disappears into the dark water.

Seconds pass by painstakingly slow as Yoongi waits for the other boy to pop back up. But he doesn't. Yoongi dash to the bank. The surface has already calmed as if Jimin hasn't just jumped in earlier. Yoongi searches, but he sees nothing. His heart pounds against his chest.

"Jimin!!" He yells. At his call, a creature so giant it's like a ship explodes out of the water. In its embrace is an unconscious Jimin. The creature slithers its way past Yoongi.

The former dragon freezes in his spot.

He hears a thud, some bone cracking sound, a groan, and then a cough. He turns, and there he is.


A smirk slowly creeps its way to Yoongi's lips.

Jimin giggles to himself, slowly sits up from the ground. He seems okay, unharmed.

Namjoon looks between the two boys back and forth, and then he cusses at the realization.

"What the , guys?"




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Exokites 84 streak 1 points #1
Chapter 27: First of all it's hilarious that they can talk like that when 'fire ball' is right there! it's like teasing him 'dude you aren't imp. right now lol'
anyway I am going to commit suicide if that other dragon is related to Jungkook
Exokites 84 streak 1 points #2
Chapter 24: What?
What on earth?
I can believe Death crying tbh at this point but who isthis other person?
Exokites 84 streak 1 points #3
Chapter 23: Don't tell me that Taehyung has a crush onher? though I would be rooting for it haha ♡
and Namjoon is too good , babe other dragon is your specie but so was Chae, wasn't she?
Exokites 84 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 21: wow it is pretty weird that Jin felt warm and safe? with Namjoon, like he is death what can harm him anyway?
but I like this girl Ami, haha she is smart )
kulitlang08 65 streak 1 points #5
Chapter 28: aaaahhhh...death!!!!!!!!! this is so sad...i, myself doesn't know what to do...i feel helpless...but at least death came clean what will happen now???

and why can't the ancient dragon go to the serpent's lair??? how come kookie and tae couldn't see her at first and now they can??? who is the serpent girl???

i'm glad moon and aq are both safe...but i have too many questions...

looking forward for the next update...
Exokites 84 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 15: Private use?
god kill me already OMG what do I do with Namjoonie? why whwyw whwy whyw whwy?
haha and omg I love that girl, like I'm not sadistic or anything but god I can pay to see someone throwing sarcastic remarks at Suga like that OMG that would be hilarious!!!
Exokites 84 streak 1 points #7
Chapter 11: "Jimin, Yoongi, tell one another that I'm setting up the table." I laughed tearing up at this until I actually felt sad enough by the end, idk why?
Exokites 84 streak 1 points #8
Chapter 8: I should probably die by now because I'm hiccuping while laughing (if that's a word I'm not too sure) They look like they're going to fight demons on the beach in Hawaii.
like I need a warning of some sort before this kind of sentence is thown to me ¤_¤
Exokites 84 streak 1 points #9
Chapter 3: lol I love how Namjoon thinks, it's hilarious and kindda sad but I do think Namjoon would make a good scientist and well there is 97% of ocean OPPORTUNITIES YAY D