Manager Tuan

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Yoo Ran –the youngest member of a girlgroup called MeyDay- was known for her two face personality, a total sweetheart in front of the camera, and a total behind one. None like her –beside her fans who didn’t even know her true personality.

For everyone dismay, she was the famous one –bless her background as a child actress. But then again, it was so unlucky of Mark Tuan when he was her new manager.


Another Mark story, because... why not, hihi #Yey #xoxo




Edited: 3rd January 2018

I'm sorry for the very slow update guys, no excuse, but my resolution this year is to be more productive. Wish me luck, ily guys #hugsssss

I'm so sorry TT I'll try to be more productive this year :")

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18 streak #1
Chapter 5: I'm curious with her relationship with yugyeom, hihi
Chapter 2: i swear that Ran is pressing my buttons.
Chapter 4: Me likey.... Me likey likey... ???

Just not used to see Got7 turn to got6 .?

And yoo ran seriously need some lesson. Huft...
Chapter 2: Ohhh the future clashes that I can only envision btw Mark & Yoo Ran~
Chapter 1: its good
Story Line is unique. looking forward to it