By The Book

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Minatozaki Sana is a college student who supports herself but she got fired from her job because of a certain incident. In the same day, a miracle happened; She was offered a job that she did not know existed...


To become the tutor of four geniuses, who live by the book.


She needs to teach them to socialize, to be empathetic, to feel love... She needs to teach them how to be more human.


What if she became successful and ..... they all fall for her?


What will Sana do?





The Tutor: Minatozaki Sana


The Geniuses: Mina, Tzuyu, Chaeyoung and Dahyun







This is a coming soon FanFic I just need to finish my first FF. Basically, these are the ships that I like for Sana ATM, so ... Might still be some revisions.



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1 points #1
Chapter 6: Satzu plz
JansJY08 1 points #2
Chapter 6: Thanks for the update!! Love it all!! N sana's imagination on mina is really running wild! But like i've mentioned before, 2Na's r/s is just too cute.. Wonder how it'll progress. :)
1 points #3
Chapter 6: SaTzu ftw!!
1 points #4
Chapter 6: Ah omg my tunaaaaa bbys! Lord Sana got me dying. If only mina knew haha how did she not wake up XD I love them <3 they're the best! Everyday 2na day! Sachaeng with the puppies are too cute n when Sana thought chaeng was doing shady thing. N the celebrity dating thing. I feel that they're showing genuine feelings towards each other. Tysm for updating!
2 points #5
Chapter 6: I would like to see more 2na. They're so cute!hahaha
Thanks for the update author-nim
2 points #6
Chapter 6: I want to see more of 2na. Hahaha! Can they stop fighting and bickering even just for a moment? Hahahaha. Thanks dor this update author-nim!
2 points #7
Chapter 1: 2na juseyo
Ryuki92 2 points #8
Chapter 6: 2na please...
1 points #9
Chapter 6: Being possibly the lonely SaTzu shipper here, I suggest SaTzu, but the crazy ahjumma is just too snakey to be loyal xD
Soshi-Heart 1 points #10
Chapter 6: I wish for saida as they haven't really had a bigger moment like the other ships yet TT.. ;^;