Life without a Life's Dream - Vkook

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Having been bullied at school for the majority of his life, Kim Taehyung left his school and studied at a public library instead. His father died when he was just a child and his mother married another man, an older and much more rich man. He was the chairman of one of South Korea's largest empire companies. Han-Yeol, his step-father, found Kim Taehyung as a threat to his company and forced Tae out of their lives, leaving him to fend for himself. 

Snowflake. Taehyung's dog was a small, crystal white ball of fur, given to him for his birthday by his father before his untimely death. Taehyung held onto Snowflake as his only happiness left in life, having no friends and no home to bring a smile to his face. Snowflake reminded him of his father and often cried long into the night, remembering the news of his departure.

Having no money, he is forced to work at many part-time jobs, all paying very little. His shifts are very long and he is fired often, owing to Taehyung falling asleep from exhuastion a lot. His clothes are old and tacky, his hair messy and face dirty.

He had been looking for cheap accommodation but even the cheapest of places were more expensive than he could afford. He could barely earn enough money to buy food for him and Snowflake, let alone buy a place to live in. He was forced to sleep in cold, public places that offered no protection to him from the winter's deadly breath.

The story starts on a snowy, February night. Taehyung and Snowflake are huddled in the corner of a public restroom, only a small, thin, worn down blanket to cover them. 




What Snowflake looks like Snowflake and Taehyung


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cyph_7 1 points #1
Chapter 16: Ahh good luck on writing on the book !! I believe that you will do well my dear <3 Fighting!! ^^
Chapter 15: Should we thank mi na for getting vkook to kiss!??
Chapter 13: I knew Mi Na was up to something!!! Tae and kookie kissed!?!?
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Chapter 11: Lmao! The fff Mi Na!!!?? XD
slinkygeek 1 points #5
Chapter 8: Love your story so much. It is too adorable.
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Chapter 8: This is really cute. Poor Taehyung having to deal with life all by himself. But Jungkook, the sweetheart, saved him and I cannot wait for them to fall in love and be together ♡
Kim_Taehyung_is_life #7
Chapter 5: This is cute!
Florra #8
Chapter 3: I love this fanfic , so i hope to see and update soon :)
rnskrishnan #9
Chapter 4: I likey this fanfic. Please update :D