One Step Closer Then Before - Hiatus


Everything happened so fast. How did you end up being Twices new manager? Does this even make any sense?!?!?How are you supposed to balance your work with your love life?


Yo fam! This is my first attempt on writing a fanfic so please support me!! I would appreciate if you guys can help me improve from now on! Fighting \(^o^)/

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Chapter 24: I'm looking forward to your next ypdate authornim. Please end it with Jihyo.
Chapter 23: Something is totally going to happen in the next chapter.. But first things first WELCOME BACK POPCAT!
Chapter 23: Drama *grabs a popcorn and a juice*
Syeon_Kudo #4
Chapter 22: I didn't see that coming.
Nice twist.
Margareth #5
Chapter 22: ive been waiting for this!!!!!!!!! now i need more
Jquoss #6
Chapter 22: why you got to end the chapter like that :(
Yonalee88 #7
Chapter 21: Nayeonxoc please
Jesstheloner #8
Chapter 21: Aww my heart when Sana choose to let me go
Love can really hurt you bad
Ji hyo and me please since there's not a lot of jihyo and of fanfic
Then let the member be gays :))
Chapter 21: Oc with nayeon.. thanks for the update.