Here's the thing. Jiyong moved out of home to study abroad only to return to an additional family member, a baby brother, and a hybrid at that?! 



WARNING: Crappy hybrid facts (depends on how I want it to be lol) , massive amount of Seungri worshipping and a cute awkward Jiyong.



The story starts off with baby Seungri and continues until he reaches his first heat and that's when Jiyong realize that his meeting with the hybrid is not a coincidence. It's a twist of fate.

What petnames too hm...

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V1ranti 15 streak #1
Chapter 1: Where’s the update authornim??
Medrari #2
Chapter 4: Read this story again and again while waiting for you to update :D
Update please, authornim? :D
Chapter 4: Update this story, please
22 streak #4
Chapter 4: I hope you can update this soon authornim..
GDVIctory #5
Chapter 4: OMG RIRI IS SO CUTE!! and well Im dreading for Baby's heat to come!!!
dbbyaelf #6
Chapter 4: Why baby riri so cute!!!! Omg I wanna pinch his cheeks badly!

Thank you for this great story. Keep up the good work!!
kshetrima #7
Chapter 4: So so cute I want to pinch his cheek......please update soon
Chapter 4: man... he's going to become a teenage already? sigh... when i was abt to ship him with nanana milk, kkk

this story is so cute!
yulia25 #9
Chapter 4: ommooo... its so cute.... please up date soon... ^^