Here's the thing. Jiyong moved out of home to study abroad only to return to an additional family member, a baby brother, and a hybrid at that?! 



WARNING: Crappy hybrid facts (depends on how I want it to be lol) , massive amount of Seungri worshipping and a cute awkward Jiyong.



The story starts off with baby Seungri and continues until he reaches his first heat and that's when Jiyong realize that his meeting with the hybrid is not a coincidence. It's a twist of fate.


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Chapter 3: Kyaaa, soo cute! Update soon please
V1ranti #2
Chapter 1: When will you updating this story authornim....i miss you
Eunlove #3
writer nim,where are u? i came here daily just to check an update :(
Chapter 3: This is so adorable!!!
AngelFlo #5
Chapter 3: Omo I want Seungri little kitten he so adorable <3<3
damnimbad #6
Chapter 2: u know what? u've already killed me with ur little bang's fluffiness before, and now u're killing me again with this story. i'm dead twice...
Chapter 3: Seungri so cute <3
Jiyong please be a good brother ;)
Chapter 3: I just went to the dentist.I DON'T NEED ANYMORE CAVITIES!!!!!!!!
yanyanwitch #9
Chapter 3: My my my. This story is sooo fluffy!! I lllllike it so much *-* Ri is so adorable I feel you Ji!! Can't resistttt >3> Haha, Ji is jellyyy~ I wonder if he's going to take that course too to learn more about Riri. Hmm.