Here's the thing. Jiyong moved out of home to study abroad only to return to an additional family member, a baby brother, and a hybrid at that?! 



WARNING: Crappy hybrid facts (depends on how I want it to be lol) , massive amount of Seungri worshipping and a cute awkward Jiyong.



The story starts off with baby Seungri and continues until he reaches his first heat and that's when Jiyong realize that his meeting with the hybrid is not a coincidence. It's a twist of fate.

What petnames too hm...

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LauraLee 14 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 6: I missed my cute baby pandaaa.... Please update soon???
Chapter 6: Awwww, cute :)
LauraLee 14 streak #3
Chapter 6: Please update soon author nim???? Please??
Vett01 #4
Chapter 6: Ahh bundle of cuteness!!
onizukas #5
Chapter 6: I love this
Miggypot #6
Chapter 6: Im laughing so hard with baby seungri!! Omg! I can definitely picture him in an 8 year old cute litle chubby baby boy with his smooth flawless milky skin, his dark but fluffy eyebags and his cute kitty mouth.... ill go crazy too if that cute baby suddenly kissed me! Jiyong, dude, my man, i feel you.
Chapter 6: Thank you for update ^_^
soleyjun 23 streak #8
Chapter 6: hahaha the baby is too cute poor Jiyong who will do with that baby Seungri so cute
dabuunk #9
Chapter 6: Cuteness overload <3
kshetrima #10
Chapter 6: Naughty baby