My Christmas Eve Love Story


Genderbend, Bomi and Chorong has the same age


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GraceyPanda 0 points #1
Chapter 9: They are already married for how many years? And still doesn't have any children? XD
Eririn 0 points #2
Chapter 9: Awww Bomi shouldn't leave Chorong alone so often. He should grab every opportunity to spend time with his Chorong-ah <3
Eririn 0 points #3
Chapter 8: Yes!! Chorong can see again. I'm so happy they are going to have a wonderful wedding.
0 points #4
Chapter 8: Wow,,, this is so, touching...
I know Bomi always loves Chorong no matter what happen
Eririn 0 points #5
Chapter 7: Yay to the reuniting of Chomi. Are they going to marry now?
Eririn #6
Chapter 6: So Rong lost her sight? But Bomi will stay by her side right?
K0419_Panda #7
Chapter 6: At least she's alive T^T
Eririn #8
Chapter 5: Im weird but I thought that Chorong was a ghost in the beginning xD So its been 2 years and Bomi is still waiting. Chorong remembers Bomi on the plane but not under the tree?
Jhigh230 #9
Chapter 5: God damn it. The clifhangers are so good
Gleekgreek #10
The cliffhanger tho