I'd Agree With You, But Then We'd Both Be Wrong


Irene is Seulgi's writer of a roommate who's out looking for inspiration in all the wrong places. But Irene's really pretty, and Seulgi's weak against pretty girls, so she'll it up because it is what it is. Or, Seulgi loses her mind over her beautiful roommate who she doesn't talk to nearly enough.


Second AFF fic coming through! And more Seulrene because I'm trash. 

And, uh, this one's kinda long, so enjoy!

Fun fact: Before I even started this fic, I'd already had 4 other ongoing drafts that I kinda sorta ditched to write this thing in a single week. Someone give me the motivation to finish them pls

Fun fact 2: Editing this thing on a dysfunctional iPad was not fun in the slightest lol

UPDATE! Epilogue-chapter-thing has been added! It's not nearly as long as the first part, but there are windows into Seulrene's daily lives after getting together. Enjoy!


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princessY 1 points #1
Chapter 3: Wow , this is so amazing and fluently written. Thank you
1 points #2
Chapter 3: “Besides, my real star is already a top” LMAO HAHAHAHAHA
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Chapter 1: This is freakin fluffy omg loveeee thisss
BloodThirst #4
Thank you for writing and sharing
1 points #5
Chapter 2: AAAAHHHHHH THIS FIC MADE ME REALIZE AND LOVE A LOT OF THINGS. truth be told, author-nim, entering 2018 while reading this made me motivated and inspired. I love how all words you used in writing this perfectly made my imagination expand. I really liked the quote from Yoojung that said "why would you go with an overly complicated routine when you can keep things simple and clean?", I love how this isn't just a question but something worth remembering itself. I also loved how deeply you described everything from the hummingbirds down to the forest fire but out of everything that I have loved in your story, I truly adored the title, "I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong". There's something magical in this quotation that I can't help but to appreciate it. Thanks for writing this, Author-nim, this one's amazing. Happy new year to you! Looking forward for more of your fantastic stories. :)
1 points #6
Chapter 1: This is the cutest, most fluffiness thing ever! I swear this chapter alone warms my heart and just when I think it couldn't get any better I realise there's another one ;_; You're amazing at writing seulrene and I freakin loved the moonsun cameos!!! Congrats on the feature, you deserve it!
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Chapter 2: I had subscribed to this story when it got feauturee bc it was thr only time that i got to discover this and man THANKS AFF FOR THE FEATURE bc i get to read this awesome fanfic. this is beautiful ohmygossh its a "nobody" and nobody is perfect. Damn now i suddenly wanna have a girlfriend lol. Im so damn envious of their relationship. Anw thanks for this. You're one amazing author. Really.thank you and happy holidays ! :)
cjmoo_ 145 streak #8
Chapter 3: 'She might not be a full-time artist, but Seulgi has definitely just created a work of art.' - phewwww *whistles*
This continues to be cute and fluffy and sweet and it warms my heart.
Congrats on the feature! :)
cjmoo_ 145 streak #9
Chapter 2: I like the hummingbird and forest fire imagery, and the parts where Irene views Seulgi as a goddess.
cjmoo_ 145 streak 1 points #10
Chapter 1: I have no words to say, other than that this is PERFECT.
(Okay I do have other words, like I understand why it scares Irene how as a writer she has no ways to put in words how she feels. I adore how they communicated through the board, and Irene having Seulgi's words on the wall. - These are just some parts among others I adore.)