Jin wakes up in a train with no memory of how he got there, what he was doing there or where he is heading.

Right then, a familiar guy sits beside him and introduces himself as his bestfriend, telling him they are on their way back to their hometown.

Except it would be something they would never do, ever.


Ten years ago, they happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

They have sworn to never talk about that incident and never set their foot on that place ever again.


To the place where it all began.





Title: Roses 

Pairing: -tba-

Genre: au, drama, mystery

Rating: PG-15 

Wordcount: 30K+


Disclaimer: story is mine, but I still don't own BTS, lol

Warning: still a newbie | english is not my first language





My hiatus didn’t last long lol, I’m back, well kinda at least.

The poster isn’t final and no other names in the preview to not reveal the characters and otps just yet. But if you’ve read my previous fics and followed me, knowing my bias list, then you might get some ideas of the characters and otps. Though unlike my previous fics, I have no definite otp here, it will depend on how things go, story wise and irl (Jin otp moments in the upcoming weeks/months) just like how Awake was written after BS&T.

This will be my first attempt at a chaptered fic, not as many as 30 chapters but definitely longer than my previous ones. And just like the way I wrote my previous stories, I already have an ending for this, all I have to do is write my way till I arrive to that ending. And all of the BTS members will be in the story so hopefully this turns out the way I want it to be.

I’m planning to update every weekend but I won’t promise on it. Busy weeks in uni might become every other week instead, but do know that I start something with the intention of finishing it. So yeah before this A/N become as long as a chapter, welcome and I hope you enjoy Roses.

Keep your expectations low. 


- Rei



My other completed fics are still on 'subs mode' for now since I just came back from hiatus. 

But I might change it back to be viewed by everyone next week when I start updating Roses. 

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Chapter 14: is there something , in the world , more beautiful than seeing an orange notification says "Roses is updated! throw everything and read it NOW!" ? :') will forever be my happiest moment in my boring lifeu ^w^ <3
HE DID WUUUUT!!??? H-H-HE.. HE! HE! HE KILLED..... 0_______________0 nononononoonono- NO! but... but.... I need a moment.....
THAT BICH! Jung Hoobin MORE LIKE Junk HoePIN! so that what he was doing to our precious Hobi Q~Q some questions should be kept as questions.... I don't want to ask more! D'x
but I gotta admit his plan got me Jungsh00k! he planned for all of this all along! ,':D that little smartass! too bad he's not gonna hang out with the rest of the gang o3o
and for Hoseok's father, GEERRR LoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoSt!! NOW TRY SOME JAIL'S ALCOHOL YA B! *laughs like Jin's window wiping laugh*
at the end... just imagining Jin cry made my heart shatter into millions of spices . AGAIN WITH THE WRITING! how can a simple sentences gives these too many feelings! HOW!? How can you , with English as the third language as you mentioned before, be that fabulous and amazing in writing???? you're now officially my ultimate bias! <3
and YES! FINALLY! THAT'S WHY I FREAKING LOVE ROSES! some mystery , crime and family what I really like! freaking tired of romances and love triangles and all of these types of Brrrrrr >__<
FINALLY WE ARE GOING TO 2017 NEXT WEEK!! WOOHOO! I almost forgot about that cliffhanger x'D I was more focused on this crime x3
Ok ... I hadn't planned to make this comment long hehe~ I just got excited bc of the update lol
have a nice day author-nim and sleep well :) your health is more important <3
fighting <3

(sorry for reposting this comment ^^" I (kinda) deleted it .. )
innosent_ahsaan #2
Chapter 14: well i always wait for whole week cheking if there is new chapter up or not thank you author u wrote and sorry for your hard work on life and writing this too thank u
Shaboobla #3
Chapter 14: I can't wait!!! I want to see how the three friends will evolve, and more importantly will they stay together
catsKatty #4
Chapter 13: Omg what just happened!? I hope they would be fine and still be together... Because i love their relationship so much!! T^T waiting for the next one authornim!! ^^
KoalaJin #5
Chapter 13: next part pleaseee~! i lurve this so much >.<
sharysofyan #6
Chapter 13: Oh My God!!!
What had actually happened? Please update it soon Author nim!!! I'm really curious...!
Chapter 13: FINALLY AN UPDATE!! You'll never know how much I love seeing "Roses" updated (ಥ﹏ಥ) ♡ Its the most beautiful moments in life indeed .
I'm in love with this chapter , it's too emotional ♡ㅅ♡ and it wasn't confusing at all , I loved how you managed the timeline, it kept us excited the whole time @♡@
Also that intro was something!~ loved that too hehe~~
Can't wait for the next update ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪

I hope Hoseok is doing fine with his father :( I really hope that...
innosent_ahsaan #8
Chapter 13: its okay its best and thank god u updated
-Chocolate- #9
Chapter 12: Why!?!?!?!?!?!?
I wanted to know more! It was so freaking good, I'm crying T_T. But WHY!? I wanted to who it was, I wanted to know more about chimchim, I wanted it to be slightly longer. But I respect u, u have ur reasons so I trust you.

Just wanted to let you that I've had enough of this endings. Because istg this kind of endings are too much for me.

Also I love your work, keep up the good job. Now I shall leave where I will cry and shout in my pillow as I await your new chapter
Chapter 12: I really hope that psycho won't come back Q~Q
OOooooh this fic is taking over me! when I saw my notification gone orange, I had said "please let it be Roses . please let it be Roses" and when it was actually Roses I JUMPED OUT OF THE BED! I'm in love with this fanfic so much! <3 and suddenly every Sunday/Monday had become my favorite days u.u
I literally can't wait for the next update! Fighting!

and enjoy your time! stay safe author-nim!~ <3