Jin wakes up in a train with no memory of how he got there, what he was doing there or where he is heading.

Right then, a familiar guy sits beside him and introduces himself as his bestfriend, telling him they are on their way back to their hometown.

Except it would be something they would never do, ever.


Ten years ago, they happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

They have sworn to never talk about that incident and never set their foot on that place ever again.


To the place where it all began.





Title: Roses 

Pairing: -tba-

Genre: au, drama, mystery

Rating: PG-15 

Wordcount: 35K+


Disclaimer: story is mine, but I still don't own BTS, lol

Warning: still a newbie | english is not my first language





My hiatus didn’t last long lol, I’m back, well kinda at least.

The poster isn’t final and no other names in the preview to not reveal the characters and otps just yet. But if you’ve read my previous fics and followed me, knowing my bias list, then you might get some ideas of the characters and otps. Though unlike my previous fics, I have no definite otp here, it will depend on how things go, story wise and irl (Jin otp moments in the upcoming weeks/months) just like how Awake was written after BS&T.

This will be my first attempt at a chaptered fic, not as many as 30 chapters but definitely longer than my previous ones. And just like the way I wrote my previous stories, I already have an ending for this, all I have to do is write my way till I arrive to that ending. And all of the BTS members will be in the story so hopefully this turns out the way I want it to be.

I’m planning to update every weekend but I won’t promise on it. Busy weeks in uni might become every other week instead, but do know that I start something with the intention of finishing it. So yeah before this A/N become as long as a chapter, welcome and I hope you enjoy Roses.

Keep your expectations low. 


- Rei

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WonwooIsLove #1
Chapter 20: Why would someone hurt a smol innocent mochi!?! And wahh my Yoonjin heart is so gay rn lol like the way Yoongi looks out for Jin it so sweet~ also who r u Rose giving person?? R u Jungkook? And Hobi come back please :((
Chapter 20: ohmygodd! namjoon makes an intimidating chief of police but he needs to do his job! yoongi has such a nice brain and i like how alert he always is and watches out for jin :) ahhh goodness i'm so curious about who leaves those roses for jin! i'm starting to have doubts and wonder if it even is someone real or if it's a hallucination jin is tormented with... like??? those flowers and trails of petals are never mentioned physically the other morning. just the memory of them which yoongi again has no idea about.
i am so upset! ugh. i really wish they get to jimin's murderer and punish the perpetrator :( and i really wish hobi is alive and well and they find him soon! :(( i wonder why they didnt even look on their tree house yet.
Vanilla_Llama #3
Chapter 20: D: Jimin's death was murder? Hmmm.... I'm really interested now to see who it was or if it was someone insignificant (although, people who kill mainly have purpose)
Poor Seokjin, he's nervous and scared. I can agree with Yoongi there. The police at that town seem very suspicious.
Chapter 19: i am so upset i want to cry! why poor jimin goddammit this os not okay!!! i knew he must be dead a few chapters ago. and last chapter confirmed it was jimin. but fudge it hurts dammit!!! my heart!!! do you think...hobi knew about jimin's murder even in the flashback? was it his father who killed poor jimin too??? ahhh my god i cant-! or was it the same guy who murdered that woman that fateful night??? PLEASE LET HOBI BE OKAY OHDEARGOD
Chapter 18: jimin?! he found jimin?? ohmygod!!
Chapter 17: ahhhh i love kookie's little puppy crush! but i doubt it was him in jins room last night! damn... like??? was it hobi??? is it someone who likes and hates jin at the same time??
Chapter 16: i hope you've been safe! and d a m n. cop namjoon?? sounds pretty hot ;P
Chapter 15: ohgod three??? seems familiar! aahh! is it like... other teenagers of this town?
Chapter 14: oh god i am crying! i'm so happy hobi is free from that murdering bastard! but!! my heart is breaking for them !!!