Jin wakes up in a train with no memory of how he got there, what he was doing there or where he is heading.

Right then, a familiar guy sits beside him and introduces himself as his bestfriend, telling him they are on their way back to their hometown.

Except it would be something they would never do, ever.


Ten years ago, they happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

They have sworn to never talk about that incident and never set their foot on that place ever again.


To the place where it all began.





Title: Roses 

Pairing: -tba-

Genre: au, drama, mystery

Rating: PG-15 

Wordcount: 57K+


Disclaimer: story is mine, but I still don't own BTS, lol

Warning: still a newbie | english is not my first language





My hiatus didn’t last long lol, I’m back, well kinda at least.

This will be my first attempt at a chaptered fic, longer than my previous ones. And just like the way I wrote my previous stories, I already have an ending for this, all I have to do is write my way till I arrive to that ending. And all of the BTS members will be in the story so hopefully this turns out the way I want it to be.

I’m planning to update every weekend but I won’t promise on it. Busy weeks in uni might become every other week instead, but do know that I start something with the intention of finishing it. Welcome and I hope you enjoy Roses.

Keep your expectations low. 


- Rei



Edit: Schedule of updates from current chapter until the ending.

Chapters 28 - 0211 |  29 - 0214

Chapters 30 - 0218 |  31 - 0221

Chapters 32 - 0225 |  33 - 0228

Chapters 34 - 0304 |  35 - 0307

Chapters 36 - 0311 |  37 - 0314

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cj-the-greatest #1
Chapter 29: Jungkook was hit by a pipe....and now he is missing. He was investigating about Hoseok's father. Now i am thinking Namjoon id the killer. Because he knows what JK was investigating about. Quite sure JK is kidnapped and not dead. Earlier I was thinking Taeyeon is the murderer..
But you love wouldn't want her to be the murderer.....Jimin can also be the murderer.....may be he is not dead. Or may be ghosts are killing people. Hoseok or Hoseok's father are two obvious choices. I think Hoseok's father knew that Hoseok is not right in the head...may be he has some mental illness. It could be hereditary. Hoseok's father was abusive....but it would be way too obvious if you make Hoseok the murderer. Now my suspects are- namjoon, Taeyeon, Jin (may be noone died and Jin is hallucinating, Yoongi(let's hope he didn't die, he worked at forensic department, got a fake body), Jimin (he might not be dead too), jungkook, jungkook's father, jungkook's partner Shin, Jin's father, Jin's employer.....GAAH ! Everyone is a murderer....
Shaboobla #2
Chapter 29: Please don't tell me Jungkook died I WON'T ACCEPT IT but I kind of wished Jin would go back with the it certainly looked like the wanted to go back with Jin ehhehh~ but still jungkook isn't confirmed dead right?
Chapter 29: On chapter 28: which one? :3
Me: hmmm tough question ? Taejin or Jinkook? Taejin or Jinkook? Jinkook or Taejin? I think Jinkook! :D
Chapter 29 dropped: wut up bishes!
Me: ........ I changed my mind to Taejin .______.

But there's a voice in my head says Kookie isn't really..... (*´д`*) I think the bullet went near to his head that sent him unconscious (even after you clearly wrote "pain shot *through* his head"
Please stop doing these to me T__T my heart can't take tragedy like these. He didn't even have the time to confess! (Or call him "hyung")
This fic remind me a lot of TWD. After You grew loving the characters, getting to know them well, ship them and on the next episode they ... just like Yoong & Kook.
At least everyone is okay with having Taejin (only if he survived)

About the killer, I don't know why I think it's Hobi (but he must be forced by someone) his dad? I don't really suspect him anymore because he's the most obvious and evidence are pointing directly at him. The Park could be involved too. Namjoon is up to something. I remember when they first met, you mentioned Hobi was being bullied by some guys. I keep on thinking Joon was one of these bullies idk

I hope this is the last heart braking chapter because I .... can't anymore....
WonwooIsLove #4
Chapter 29: Even Jungkook :((
51 streak #5
Chapter 29: Yesh i will totally check for letter and rest of the story
Vanilla_Llama #6
Chapter 29: Oh no... not Jungkook, too :( I can't take all the missing and dead people
I'm very curious about the letter! I wonder when Yoongi wrote it.
KoalaJin #7
Chapter 28: Both btw.. I cant choose ?
KoalaJin #8
Chapter 28: Please... No more dead people.. I cant. I cried. My heart T-T ?
Yuki87 #9
Chapter 28: Taejinkook......
Chapter 28: Tbh it's rlly hard to decide since both literally just entered Jin's life, re-entered maybe for Jungkook, but I'll root for Taehyung, he just lost his brother and didn't have anyone else, I want him to heal together with Jin