She Is The One

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She has the beauty on her face and the beauty in her heart; she has the charm that made everyone fell for her.

She has everythingjob; money; luxury things and a big apartment in San Francisco.

But one thing; she’s not into marriage. Not even slightly she thinks about dating anyoneThat, what makes me want to know about her; She’s one of a kind and this is her story and “my” story about how I fell for her.


So, this is another khuntoria story that i made when i was bored or i have nothing to do at home.

When i don't have college stuff and all~

And now i decided to share it with you guys! But do not expect me to update this regularly because i migh or might not continue the story right now. But, always feel free to read this and comment your opinion about my FF

I honestly miss Khuntoria so much—a lot of things happen between them without our conscent, btw. But i can't tell you guys, yet. Let's hope that they can finally tell everything eventually :).

2 more chapters until i can finally wrap this up. So what do you think will happen to Nichkhun?

Comment your thoughts. Who knows that maybe I change my mind? :P

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YG0911 0 points #1
Chapter 22: this really has lots of twist! there are still puzzles needed to be completed, can't really predict the end. hope you update really soon!
Kirito0806 0 points #2
Tbh, this story doesn't make sense at all. Victoria broke up with Nichkun and went with Siwon. Then after a year, she's angry/disappointed because Nichkhun became cold and ruthless? She doesn't even feel sorry for what she did to Nichkhun before. I guess the redeeming value here would be just make them go their separate ways. Victoria happily married with Siwon and Nichkhun proving Tiffany that he really loves her. Other than that, the story will be pretty much bs.
eithwin #3
Chapter 21: Although I saw your warning at the first of this chapter, at the end I hate you. Pls update asap. Hopefully, I am waiting for happy ending. WHO KNOW THAT? May be you know.:-)
eithwin #4
Chapter 20: Hi, I feel Your update is short. not enough for me. Can you update next chapter in a few days? i think he never had experience with vic physically. That's why he is so attached to tiffany in mutual way.
eithwin #5
Chapter 19: Woo..Really of drama. I like this side of Nichkhun. But I want vic to be happy with him.
YG0911 #6
Chapter 19: wow, he changed.. a lot. I can accept it tho, but his phobia.. with tiff? it shocked me a lil. can't wait for further update, yay!
chunna #7
Chapter 19: This is a wow... khun has changed a lot n he slept with tiffany too ?
YG0911 #8
Chapter 18: waw, finally read new chaps! aaw poor khun, poor vic. I really hope the truth will be revealed soon, but after that siwon guy suffers ;)
chunna #9
Happy ending pls. Poor khun
snipars #10
Chapter 18: Happy ending for sure but nickhun should make siwon suffer and show victoria who he really is, in a shcoking revelation!