Fated to Love You

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      Lee Soojung, the arrogant CEO of Lee Corp. went back to Korea after living in the US for 3 years. Upon going back, she met this big eyed employee named Park Jihyo.


   Yes I know, another SoulHyo fic but why not right? I can't get enough of these two so here it is again ^^ this is based on the Taiwanese drama "Fated to love you" so yeah...I hope you guys enjoy~

(Ps:Soojung will be a guy here and also Tzuyu ^^)


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Christyswanson 0 points #1
Chapter 20: It was a hard decision to made. But glad its jihyo. Because if he choose the baby, the story will end soon. 2 updates in one day? Thanks so much authornim
seofanyluv 0 points #2
Chapter 20: Jihyo and Taecyeon -__- Saving your life is more important than the baby and Soojung did the right thing...to feel that his decision is underappreciated like that...it annoyed me.
It's a great emotion you write in this chapter! Thank you for the update ♡
euronois 0 points #3
Chapter 20: I feel sorry for the both of them.. JB should be punished!
Yumin2 0 points #4
Chapter 20: Heol...... D:
SEULBEAR123 0 points #5
Chapter 20: no!!!!!!!!!!!! aborted!??!?!!?!??!?!
Christyswanson 0 points #6
Chapter 19: Whoaahhh.. what will happen? Hmm.. T.T..
will she be ok? Thankyou authornim.. for the quick update. I am reading this at school. And its so fun. But no one is here. I am alone but reading this, exciting me
seofanyluv 0 points #7
Chapter 19: Too much sugar in this chapter I could have diabetes but at the end...why....? T_T I would rather have Soojung taken the hit instead of Jihyo since she's pregnant :-(
Yumin2 0 points #8
Chapter 18: *sigh* I don know wat to say but this is so-..........

SWEET !! Ugh- °v° <3
Christyswanson 0 points #9
Chapter 18: Its so fun authornim...
more twist inside the story is so fun. Thanks for updating fast
seofanyluv 0 points #10
Chapter 18: Ohhhh yessss they have finally declared their real feelings for each other ♡♡♡♡♡ Mr Jaebum, as much as I like you, please don't do this T_T