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Goodbye Summer..


Uhm. I'm not good with descriptions. Aish. ...

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*Pretty la...

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YouDunnoMe #1
Keep it up author!!
estrachressie #2
Chapter 10: I love this story!!! I laugh, I smiled, and i even cried. This is the first story which made my tears fall to much. Thanks to u. XD
rainthority #3
Chapter 10: I stumbled upon this story tonight.
And it's really amazing! Two thumbs up for you, Author.

Who knows a simple incidental meeting with someone in the airport could change your life entirely?

Kudos to you!
And thanks for sharing this story with us :)
chuchu4 #4
Chapter 10: This story is so DAEBAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!
TheIronRaven #5
This story should turn into a movie :)
-Tiffanyy- #6
Update soon! ^^
ForeverSooSicaLOVE #7
SooSica & YoonYul, my forever favourtie #1 couples in snsd!!!<3
ForeverSooSicaLOVE #8
Yay its SooSica afterall!!:)
SooSica forever LOVE~xD
Depression2412 #9
T^T And I thought the wedding was Yulsic. So heartbroken...<br />
Luckily it was Soosica!^~^<br />
That, Yuri realised that Sica still loved Soo... Thanks, yul...T^T
DaraSooyoung #10
Nice story ^^ love it~