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Lean On Me


Jonghyun is doing the unthinkable - falling hard for some girl who works in a coffee shop. For a famous idol such as himself, these kinds of things need delicate handling and incredible brains -- so Jjong enlists Key's help. What he doesn't know is that Key is hiding a dirty little secret himself...


Hi... :P 

So, fanfic number 2. Hope you enjoy it and you can put up with my inconsistency; the description is nothing like the mood I'm expecting the general story to continue in, but we'll see. Comments and criticisms are welcome.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading :)


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KissMeInspirit23 #1
Chapter 36: Just wanted to say I love this story. It's written really well and I really got into the story and the emotions I felt!!!! Going to go read the other part now but I just had to tell you I loved it!
orangemuscey #2
Chapter 30: Just giving myself a little break to take a breath before continue reading the next chapter. I'm in the verge of crying... Feel so sorry for both Kibum and Jjong... I wish Dae didn't lie, but I kinda felt for her too. But Jjongieee dumb Jjongie!!
Rainbow_Kyu #3
Chapter 30: *-* The angst...is so...perfect!!!! You're such a good writer!!! OMG!!! Poor Key! Poor Jonghyun! I am so addicted to this story!!!!! >.<
Ahem...well...I'm going to go read the next chapter now *-*
blind_angel #4
Chapter 10: ... i hate her now.. am i being a bad person? i don't want her to take yoogeun *cries* key's he's number one appa!
Omgiluvelvin #5
Chapter 1: I'm sorry but I just busted out laughing in this chapter! Am I a bad person for that? ohoho poor key.....LOL ok I'm sorry.
LovelyIKnow #6
Chapter 33: To be honest, I never really felt like Dae was going to be a bad character you know? Just slightly... Misguided. Although I felt for Dae and Key mostly the whole thing, which is (sorta) odd since usually I would side with the 'bad guy'. Which, up until a couple chapters ago was Dae (sorta, kinda, not really) but I didn't side with Jong, because he and Key were closer, and yeah, Dae was his gf, but how much does that really count if you're not in love? Also, I find it unique that you make Key both victim, bully, protagonist and antagonist. That's quite impressive...
theeKPOPlover #7
Chapter 35: I want to slap Key across the face Jonghyun did not do ANYTHING WRONG. Him running into the restaurant and doing what he did was in a spur of ANGER, he said those things because he was hurt and lied to. Dae was his girlfriend why would'nt he believe her? I cried for Jonghyun not Key. He totally acted like the victim. He said he was hurt. But what about Jungwha who he totally ditched. He should've stepped back and accepted defeat like an honorable soldier, or at least given Dae a sword to fight for herself. ISUFGHNJDFBGDJKDLFNB

Sorry I am being like this. This is actually a good ff and I am now goin to the sequel^^
aniangel07 #8
hey, I just added this story with the sequel to my jongkey rec list. congrates! <3
kadie811 #9
Chapter 35: no story. has ever. made me sob. this hard. ever. not even absolute chaneyol. and the fact that i have to keep it quiet because its three thirty in the morning, i read this all in one night,jonghyun is my ultimate bias and key is my second bias, ohmygod. its killing me. i cant even see what im typing. i sobbed for thirty chapters. my pillow is soaking wet. ohmygod. you did such an amazing job ohmygod thank you so much