Being the perfect omega


Being the perfect omega

Markson (Mark/Jackson) and Joohyuk (Jooheon/ Minhyuk)


Jackson was believed to be an alpha growing up but when he presented as an omega, his world turned upside down.



a/n: this plot has been quite out there but I really wanted to pursue it. I’ve always loved top!Mark so this will be just that. And I love Jackson x jooheon and Minhyuk x Mark that I just had to add them as relatives of sorts. This will be all JooHyuk at the beginning so be patient as I develop Markson and all other ships I intedned to add in there (maybe subtly or not).



Territories are often marked with Kingdoms that had long been at war for the past centuries but that came to an end when the power hungry fools realized that disputes over lands would be worthless if they have no one to rule over. So a treaty was held and all participating kingdoms signed and pledged to be allies of each other.


Such was the case for X-clan and Ahgase; two kingdoms of great power and wealth that every other kingdoms wanted to marry into.


The X-clan is a group of skilled farmers and fishermen, their land was blessed with fields of harvests and waters brimming with life. They were known to be guided by the powerful dragon, a deity that had brought their kingdom power but also reminded them to be humble. The kingdom is currently ruled by the alpha King Henry with his omega consort, Ryeowook and their son, the crowned prince,  Jooheon. The King has a twin brother, alpha Jinki who is married to an omega named Jonghyun and has a son named Jackson.


Growing up, Jackson was thought to be the alpha between the cousins so the training for the slightly older prince was strict. Jooheon, even though was the legal heir to the throne knew that he’ll be presenting as an omega such that his training wasn’t really that tough compared to his cousin. The cousins were really good friends so it did not bother them the slightest, that Jackson was bumped up in the line for the throne.


Jackson became a skilled swordsman, growing up he tend to be the best out there, even  beating out the  protégé  Hyunwoo who was being groomed to be the prince’s right hand general in the near future. But all that changed when he presented as an omega on his sixteenth birthday and a few months after, Jooheon presented as an alpha.


The Kingdom shifted gears, grooming Jooheon now that he was supposed to take over the crown and Jackson was immediately groomed to be an omega, an object to be traded off to other kingdoms for alliances.


Jooheon frowned looking at his cousin’s face because he knew that despite the smile Jackson was projecting, the pain of limitation and disappointment was hurting the omega.



The Kingdom of Ahgase was thought of blessed by a legendary phoenix whose flames kept the land fertile and filled with riches. They were known as craftsmen and blacksmiths, the place littered with glittering jewelry and ornaments.


The Kingdom is reigned by a strong alpha named Yunho with his consort, omega Jaejoong. The beauty of the consort was known across the nations and that when two princes were born, they were not surprised with how the twins looked. Mark and Minhyuk were raised as equal, whoever shall present as the alpha would be ready any case fate would lead them. Mark was favored as the alpha, his mind a majestic strategist that often led him and his best friend Jinyoung into trouble when they try going on escapades. Minhyuk as a social butterfly and people flocked to see him and admire his beauty, Minhyuk thrived in compliments and he offered his wide smile in return.


Mark was caught in trouble once, even injuring his other friend Jaebum when they tried to yet again escape their lessons, and it was just luck that Jaebum had the agility or else mark would be dead right now. And such case led the council to enforce and ultimatum, and Mark learned to be an alpha and prince for his kingdom.


Mark was brilliant but he kept to himself so much that when he presented as an alpha, he felt that his world would cease to have color. Minhyuk, on the other hand, presented as an omega and that led to numerous suitors and marriage proposals, but being raised equal to an alpha, he declined and rejected every offer brought by superficial interest in him.



Until an unexpected visitor knocked on their palace gates.


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