Two Fools

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Two brokenhearted​ strangers meets in an unexpected place, sharing the same stories and ends up as best friends. What will happen when they discovers they falls in love again... but to their best friend's exes?


"Wow." Seohyun could only say while she looks around the place. "Is this really your place? It looks like not yours."


Yoona turned around and frowned. "Isn't it in my face to be so neat? You know, you should hang out with me more often so you will not be surprise a lot about me." But she ends up chuckling. "Anyway, I should take a shower. You came so early. Um, feel at home." she flashed her infamous smile before she headed to her bathroom.


Alone, Seohyun look around more to her crush's apartment. It's amazing that the choding has this neat and big place when back in school, she's this mess around. Especially when it's their laboratory subject. 'Hmm, another point Im Yoona. One more and you'll perfect the criteria.' She giggles, thinking about her lists of criteria to date someone.


Suddenly, she got curious with one of the doors and she stopped in front of it. She glances to Yoona's bathroom, making sure she won't go out. But as soon as she heard the water flows from the inside, she got that cue and slowly opened the door. 'It's another room.' She thought as she walks inside, immediately greeted by a sofa, a single bed and a flat screen TV. Then another desk, just like the main room outside. But what caught her attention is the Polaroid of photos, posted into the wall, next to the bed. It gives her shivers as the more she steps closer, the pictures becomes so familiar for her. Thanks to her glasses and she can clearly see the images. Until she had enough distance, she gasps in surprise when the photo of Yoona has her.... 'Sicababy? She's my best friend's ex?'




The moment the tan girl left her seat in the sofa to get those snacks outside, Jessica quickly grabs the girl's phone and checks if the latter has photos of her ex-girlfriend. Yuri mentioned earlier that she has this ex that she wanted to meet again because she wanted to say sorry about all the things she made. She got curious about the girl, even though she has no right yet because they're still just hanging out as friends. But to her dismay, there's none of her, except for her niece's photos.


Getting up, she glances to her wrist watch, "She'll be back in 10 minutes." She hurriedly headed to her room and check around the place... until she saw a door that was ajar. For the second time, she glances to her wrist watch and quickly grabs her 9 minutes chance to check that unknown door. She immediately was greeted by a messy room, mostly stuffs for her painting. But the curtain that was covering half of the wall in the room got her attention. Thinking it must be the image of her ex-girlfriend, she braces herself and pushed the curtain aside, almost immediately gives her a reason to step five backwards while she looked at the image on the wall in shock, "S-Seobaby? Yuri's ex is my best friend?"




"Otoke... otoke... why am I so stupid. What should I do?" Seohyun walks back and forth, trying to think of something after she got calmed from her shock moments later. But she only ends up grabbing her phone from pocket and opens the conversation she had with her best friend.




Jessica got calmed after just 3 minutes. She still couldn't believe it but something have urge her to message her best friend. However, as she took her phone out, Seohyun message her first.


Seobaby: Sicababy, you don't have feelings anymore for your ex, right?


'What the. Just when I was about to ask her.' Jessica thought and she replied without a second.




Seohyun almost jump in surprise after her phone vibrated in her hand. Heck, she quickly reads the message.


Sicababy: No more. You know that ever since 5 years ago.

Now, let me ask you the same, do you still have feelings for your ex, as well?


She got chills upon reading her best friend's question. But she never doubted about her feelings and she replied with all honesty.




Seobaby: A BIG NO MORE.


Jessica was happy with the answer, however, something came up to her when once again she looked at the wall. "The question is... does Yuri still have feelings for Seohyun? Aish! I'm so stupid." that made her whine. "Wae!!! Wae!!! Wae!!!" throws her body to the wall with her hands up, "Waeeee." and slides down, helplessly. She quickly stood up and kicks the wall, "Sh*t! Stupid." only to get hurt.




"Damn, I wonder if Yoona still has feelings for Jessica." Seohyun frustratingly groans when she realized something. "I'm freaking stupid to like her." she can't help herself and grabs one of the photos and mindlessly crumpled it then throws it to the floor and kicks it like it's a soccer ball, but it only went back when it hit the wall, hitting her forehead in the process. "Ouch! Stupid."





A/N: I got inspired by 100 days and suddenly got another idea of our YoonHyun x Yulsic.

It's a rom-com genre.

What do u guys think?

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