Band Is Love, Band Is Life


Who says band kids don't have any fun?


In which Mina is from the States, Chaeyoung is too shy and smart to handle, Nayeon Jeongyeon and Jihyo are crazy, Dahyun is hyped and has fangirlish tendencies, Sana is determined, Momo is stressed, and Tzuyu just wants some peace and quiet.


No offense is intended to anyone who may play these instruments or anyone who may participate in band class.

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Chapter 6: i love this s lot
Chapter 6: omg, i just started reading this story, and... no words for how amazing this is ? honestly, as a band and orchestra kid (although orchestra is ALOT calmer, as i’m a bass), i find myself relating to this way too much. seriously, the whole band is insane, and i’m a saxaphone like Mina, and... the trumpets make me cry sometimes, like your great but please spare my ears ? but overall, this story is good! and i see that ISAC moment put into this story, except... they’re stuck in a net, 60 feet high. oops? i cant wait to see more from this story!
Chapter 6: This is actually gold, thank you so muchhhhhhhh S2
xbelleeex #4
Chapter 6: This story is so good!! Dahyun needs a ship please!
Chapter 5: When will this comeback???
14 streak #6
Chapter 5: Aww SaTzu's cute :"> I hope they date soon. Yh MiTzu are too similar that's why I don't ship them yes they are more like siblings than a potential couple.
renegadetokki #7
Chapter 5: CHINGOO CHAENG!!!
passporthome #8
Chapter 5: DAMN GO SANA YESSS ok sorry so I TOTALLY LOVE THIS CHAP and MICHAENG ACTUALLY KIND OF HAPPENED IM SO SHOOOOOOK. Lowkey spotting that SaTzu in the distance but tbh I'm not so sure yet and Sana's tickling attack on poor mina hahaha that killed me

I actually CAN'T WAIT for your next update!!!!
snowmushroom #9
Loving this! Don't know much about band so this is real interesting.