Make Me Love You

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When Alpha Tiffany meets Omega Taeyeon.

Slightly Omegaverse dynamics. 




Idea inspired by the song Animal from SNSD Japanese album. 

Rating: Lemon / Fluff. 



Hope you've all enjoyed this chapter.
See you next time, =).

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alienatedhuman 0 points #1
congrats on getting featured ♡
Ren003 #2
Chapter 16: please update.....^^
15 streak #3
Chapter 16: Thank you for writing this. I really enjoyed it
mutiapuspita27 #4
Chapter 16: Oh my god this is how come u r so good at creating this story ur a genius. I was looking at the other story but ur story is just amazing the words and everything please update i need ur story
Chapter 16: Sooo good!!! Can't wait for the next update!!!
Chapter 16: I can't believe I stayed up till 6 am so I can finish this, it's THAT GOOD
Chapter 9: This is getting... interesting *smirks*
theselittlethings #8
Whoa omg i just asked my friend out what's this getting featured. Congratulations author! You write good plots and how you managed to create the characters's diversity and feelings is great. Keep writing to your hearts content. Nothing but respect to our president unniesone! I'm still on the edge of my seat for Mad Love I hope it gets featured as well or did it already