﴾ PRISM - RP ﴿ We are currently REVAMPING. We will not be taking new applications at this time.

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You can't have a rainbow if it never rains.
Are you new to the world of make believe? Have you RP-ed for a long time and find yourself looking to start anew?
Prism Roleplay is a newly opened non-au facebook roleplay that accepts people from all colors of the rainbow. We want to build a place that all of us can share and create together.
So if you're ready, let's create a family of weirdos!
exo's xiumin
Timezone: GMT -6
Platform: facebook
Exo's D.o
timezone: gmt: -6
platform: facebook
Monsta x's wonho
timezone: gmt: +0
platform: facebook
open & accepting
Uncomfortable with AFF? Check out our Tumblr!
01 : Subscribe to the AFF page. Upvotes aren't
mandatory but are greatly appreciated!
02 : One account per rper.
03 : Our member reservations/the time you get to make your account is 48 hours when you get accepted. After that with no progress, the face claim is up for grabs again.
04 : No trial CCs! CCs are limited to twice a month and meaning you'll have to stay that same character for two weeks before CCing again. You cannot CC until you've been with us for a week.   
05 : Dating Ban= 1 week. Notify that you are a move in couple in the application. 
06 : We don't want to stifle your creativity but as of now MPREG/LESPREG are unavailable.
07 : This rp is closed. Please keep your friends list clean from old members/people from different rps.
08 : Hiatus time is max 2 weeks. Semi hiatus is a month. For an extension, talk to an admin.
09 : To show us you've at least skimmed our rules, our password is the first K-pop group you listened to.
10 : Hanky panky spit and spanky are done in PM or in the [optional]  group.
11 : Activity outside of PM's is a must! We can't thrive without you guys! Mandatory welcome of new members. 
12 : OOC comments in brackets or OOC group so we can keep things organized!
how to join
Check out our masterlist for our availability. If you don't know who to be, see our wishlist! For your
application, comment below:
01 : The name of the idol
02 : Group name
03 : Your timezone
04 : Password
05 : Want to be part of the  group?
You have 48 hours once you're accepted to create your account (but we prefer recycled accounts to prevent disabling) and set your friendslist to private. If you're creating a new account, click here to get tips on how to keep your account safe. 
In light of recent issues with facebook rps, please private message your link through our prism-rp aff account. Do this by stating the name of the idol first with the link attached next. Thank you, and happy rping!
member(s) of the month : 
Yixing and Kyulkyung!
We are recognizing  these two as the warmest members of Prism for this month! They welcome every new member and are easy going people to get along with! You'll definitely find a friend in these two.
Reserved(mm/dd) ; Hiatus
24K: Liang Hui
A.C.E : Jun
Acemax-Blk: Mingming
B.A.P: Jongup
BTS : Taehyung - Jimin - J-Hope - Suga - Jungkook
EXO : Baekhyun - Chanyeol -  D.O - Chen -  Sehun - Xiumin - Lay - Kai
Day6: Jae Park - Young K
GOT7 : Yugyeom
Monsta X : Wonho - Shownu - Kihyun
Nu'est: Minhyun
NCT : Ten - Haechan - Taeyong - Yuta
Produce101: Yoo Seonho - Kim Sangbin
Seventeen: Wonwoo - Jeonghan - Hoshi - Vernon - The8 - Junhui - Kim Mingyu
SHINee : Jonghyun - Key - Onew . Taemin
SMRookie: Lucas
Super Junior : Donghae - Heechul - Eunhyuk - Henry Lau
VIXX: Ken - Leo
Wanna One: Lai Guanlin - Ong Seongwoo - Jihoon(06/26)
Solo Artists: Luhan - Jay Park - Kris Wu - Z.Tao - Dean
Actors: Bang Sunghoon - Nam Joohyuk
Blackpink: Jennie - Lisa(06/26) - Rosé/Park Chaeyoung(06/27) 
Dreamcatcher : Handong
EXID: Junghwa- Hani
F(X) : Krystal - Luna
Lovelyz: Mijoo
Mamamoo: Moonbyul - Wheein - Solar - Hwasa
Miss A: Min
Oh!Bliss: Yeonjoo
Oh My Girl :  Yooa
Pristin : Kyulkyung - Xiyeon
Produce 101: Jeon Somi
Red Velvet : Seulgi - Irene
SNSD: Taeyeon - Yoona
Twice: Nayeon - Sana - Momo
Solo Artists: Hong Jingyoung - Lee Hi Shannon Williams
Actresses: Kojima Haruna - Lee Sungkyung
Models: Sayuki Matsumoto - Saeeun
Trainees: Kim Doyeon
Kai: NCT's Johnny
Onew: BTS' J-Hope
Haruna: Oshima Yuko
Jun: A.C.E's Donghun
Sehun: NCT, UP10TION
Kris: Red Velvet's Irene
Tao: Meng Jia, Miss A, Fiestar
Heechul : Block B, Super Junior
Luhan : C-Clown's Ray, Show Luo
Xiumin : 2NE1, Got7, VIXX, Ukiss 
Jae Park: Rest of Day6, FT Island
Sayuki: The Gazette. Any J-Rockers
Wonho:All of Monsta X, Ji Chang Wook
Nayeon: PRISTIN, Seventeen's Vernon, Mingyu, and Minghao
Jonghyun: Tiny-G Crayon Pop, F(x), Mercury, JUPITER, Kamijo Yuuji, FEMM
Hong Jinyoung: Season 2 Unnies, Gong Yoo, P.O, Park Hyungsik, Choi Jinhyuk
Mijoo: Lovelyz, WJSN, Oh My Girl, Gugudan, Suju's Kyuhyun, CNBlue, iKon, Winner, Got7, Infinite
D.O : VIXX, Kwangsoo, BTS, Seventeen, Astro, GOT7, Mamamoo, 2ne1, F(x), Jonghyun, HOT TIMES SQUAD (sing me to sleep please)
Hani: DIA especially Cathy, Eunice and Eunjin. T-ara, Produce 101 S1 and S2 trainees, I.O.I, Shannon Williams, Dani Kim, Seventeen and Monsta X especially Chae Hyungwon, Kihyun and Minhyuk


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yasyaasyaaas 0 points #1
Nayeon will not be returning. Thank you for having me here ❤️
baekkie here, don't worry ! i just deactivated for a while. be back soon !
s_tarrylight #7
Rosé/ Park Chaeyoung
Girls' Generation
kpopgirl97 #8
01 : Lisa
02 : BlackPink
03 : EST -5
04 : Wonder Girls
05 : Sure
sarahisbiased #9
Kim Mingyu
ganbatte #10