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Somewhere far away from our place, in a parallel universe, Twice gets a new member named Haeju. This crybaby girl brings a lot of conflicts and drama to a group that's going trough its crisis as a falling NGG. Will Haeju save the group or ruin it? Is adding Haeju a good decision? You decide!

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Real Name: Ahn Haeju (안해주)

Nickname: Haeju, Juju, Annie

Birthday: 15 February, as old as Nayeon

Height/Weight: Same as Tzuyu

Favorite Color: Blue, pink

Favorite Food: Ice cream, strawberry flavor of everything

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Additional talents: Writing fictions, acting, some of it are still unrevealed.....

Ideal Type: Someone who makes me feel comfortable and loved; Someone who enjoys a nice afternoon in the park; Someone who is kind-hearted ❤❤❤


  • Has debuted a leader of a girl group before, but doesn't really like to talk about it
  • Loves Spongebob so much!
  • Most likely seen with Sana or Tzuyu
  • Twice members describe her as a crybaby. Someone who can share how she feels to people out of nowhere. A quiet person who can make anyone around her becomes sentimental
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Chapter 19: If it's not dream imma mafia you
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Chapter 18: Dam you T_T
Chapter 5: Long chap ........
I really liked this chapter! Dra~ma hohoho lol
I reaaally hope the ships are according to the poll asdklgl this will be interesting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
ShaneAlexis #5
Chapter 58: I want more stories like this.. haha I really like genderbender stories
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Chapter 16: Whoa that was something (//∇//) Im actually suprised there was gonna be an M chapter and I honestly enjoyed it. Lol Did Jihyo put Aphrodisiac in that coffee?
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Chapter 8: Whoa it was a fanfic XD A fanfic within a fanfic.
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Chapter 7: Saju <3 lol sorry Juyu, I love Saju more
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Chapter 5: Glad that thinks ended in a good note. Lol Ill probs end up commenting at random for certain Chapters cuz Ima be reading the next chapter right away.
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Chapter 4: Damn that is some strong bad blood between Sana and Haeju. Rip