Dream Couple One Shots


Basically some PRISTIN one shots of some couples we usually think of/dream of XD

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Hipguin28 #1
Chapter 45: Author nim, Can you make a Tom and Jerry Pinkwoo fic (I’m dying for these and there’s not much anyways I rlly ship em so much >_<) and a sequel to that one specific Napink ft. Minkyebin one? I hope it’s not too much to ask lol if you make it thanks~
Chapter 44: What hahahahaha
Chapter 45: I will cry with you nayoung :'(. I really ships napink and 2kyung, but because my bias top list are nayoung and kyungwon then I saw their cute interactions just make them more shipable
kuetie #4
Chapter 45: aww poor nayoung
thank you for the 2kyung!!
Kimyennie #5
Chapter 43: Omgg Minkyebinnnnn thank you so muchh <3333
Chapter 43: FINALLY MINKYEBIN its cute authornim
Chapter 43: Oh yes. MinkYebin again haha
They’re literally just want to eat each other face everyday...so what is lunch again?
Kpop206 #8
Please make another 2kyung I’m just missing some of their fics
Chapter 42: Please make more nakyung and naminky also 2kyung, well I just love unnies line!!
internationalFan #10
Chapter 39: soooo cute lol