Just Another Day

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They're normal, they're the same as any of us out there. They could be the neighbouring struggling musician, the barista working at the nearest cafe, the model gracing covers of magazines you pass by in stores, the music producers of your favourite songs, a bright lawyer, the kid that screams in the park while playing, anyone. But they're all normal and the same as any of us out there.

There's nothing extraordinary about them, and that's what makes this special and heart-warming.


It's just about another day from the lives of the Kim-Zhang family and their friends. 


Was started as a three-shot on thatkidrd's request, turned into a monster baby :')


This was my first ever KPop fanfiction, which is why this story means so much to me (as can be seen in the overly-sentimental description haha).


I hope this story is as heart-warming to you readers as it is to me.


WARNING: Huge time-skips between most chapters.

DISCLAIMER: Neither the characters nor the story itself are affiliated with the celebrities mentioned in the story. However, I very much own the characters, story and plot. Please do not plagiarize or translate in any form else strict action will be taken.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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exo_latonya 0 points #1
Chapter 36: I swear krisyeol is too cute! My otp man
justkys #2
Chapter 30: This chapter is sooo cute!! I love how yifan and chanyeol treat Luhan. Uh, just have a kid you two!
RaeT25 #3
Chapter 30: Eeeeek! Channie and Kris so domestic and in love❤❤❤❤
Chapter 27: This chapter.... Was so FLUFFY!!! I loved it!!! This might be my favorite suxinghuntao chapter by far
gimmeurlav #5
Chapter 24: I'm still reading and waiting for the updates >.< I miss this story so much <33
pcyosh1004 #6
Chapter 23: Zitao and hunnie are so cute^^ fighting authornim i like your story because your story have my favourite OTP krisyeol lol
Chapter 13: I have a feeling I read this before. But it wasn't as good as it is now. There are a few parts that did confuse me at first, like you left a paragraph or sentence hanging or you changed the scene abruptly. I had to backtrack a few times (I didn't mind).
I think the dynamic between the couples is absolutely, unique. It's not your typical OTP dynamics either. Plus some of the conflicts have a realism to it. For example, XiuChen. Xiumin is dealing with how people percieve him by his weight. Chen is trying to get him to see that it doesn't matter and how Xiumin makes him feel and how he makes him see how much he loves him for all his qualities that aren't based on superficial things is way more important then appearances. Chen has to also realize that no matter how much he loves Xiumin and wants him to, get over that hurdle that Xiumin deals with when it comes to his weight, its always going to be there. Because no matter how hard we try and change, we will always have that insecurity even if we have moved on. But their relationship is my favorite. There is so much depth there.
I am a Krisyeol shipper and writer and OMG! I can not get enough of them in your story. Yeah I had to wait a bit for them to appear but its just...Aaaaah! I love it. I love it! Chanyeol being more older is outstanding! I mean, he is older but his maturity is not. He wears his heart on his sleeve and goes after what he wants. Kris is so, complex, which i love as well! he is inexperience and it shows. His hesitance is just, very relatable and I think that's what I love about his character in this story. I mean you can tell he is gonna be a man to love, he just needs someone who is patient enough to get over those walls he's built around him. I hope that person is Chanyeol. Although, I feel like they need to go through a few more things before they get there.
Anyways! I really enjoy your story. For realsies. I look forward to your updates. Keep up the good work!
Words can't describe how I feel right now but this is sooooo good and don't worry too much about the writing style! ;; I just can't believe that hunnie's first word is yehet and I can't stop grinning because this is so friggin adorable, keep up the good work <3
(p.s : I might be stalking all of your stories from now on and I'm sorry if I'm spamming your notification xD)
littlehoe #10