Just Another Day

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They're normal, they're the same as any of us out there. They could be the neighbouring struggling musician, the barista working at the nearest cafe, the model gracing covers of magazines you pass by in stores, the music producers of your favourite songs, a bright lawyer, the kid that screams in the park while playing, anyone. But they're all normal and the same as any of us out there.

There's nothing extraordinary about them, and that's what makes this special and heart-warming.


It's just about another day from the lives of the Kim-Zhang family and their friends. 


Was started as a three-shot on thatkidrd's request, turned into a monster baby :')


This was my first ever KPop fanfiction, which is why this story means so much to me (as can be seen in the overly-sentimental description haha).


I hope this story is as heart-warming to you readers as it is to me.


WARNING: Huge time-skips between most chapters.

DISCLAIMER: Neither the characters nor the story itself are affiliated with the celebrities mentioned in the story. However, I very much own the characters, story and plot. Please do not plagiarize or translate in any form else strict action will be taken.


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

If you feel like you've read this before: it's because it had been taken down when I deactivated, and am now reuploading all my old stories.

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chrysantslurvletters #1
Chapter 50: Love this! I love the 29th February part.. I'm sure my lil bro won't forget that since it's his birthday.. Hahaha.. He's more like thought that it's 29 days every year.. Hahaha
Chapter 50: Now my life is over, i shouldn't have read this so fast
RaeT25 #3
The way each couple spoils their babies is eeeek! Well done
aphrodite2003 #4
Chapter 49: The kids are so cute!
Chapter 45: They got a kid yeay!! Mimi is an angel sent by God to Yifan and Chanyeol, haha. And they're getting married soon, can't wait!
Chapter 43: I see what you did there ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌ with the "what if". But anyways I love krisyeol soooooo much
happydays4ever #7
new subscriber here! Just caught up and love this so much!
Chapter 41: Omg it's just too cute! The kids are saving the world because of 29th February, gosh!! Luhan as the leader is too cute to be true, And Baekhyun too AND TAO'S SUDDEN IDEA ABOUT TURNING BACK THE TIME asdfghjkl!!
Chapter 40: Krisyeol just gets cuter and cuter! Sulay too
Chapter 36: I swear krisyeol is too cute! My otp man