Never Ever




She only had one goal. It was revenge.

But she needed power to get it, she needed power so that she can make them suffer.

She needed his money and influence to be able to control them.

And so, she proposed to him.



He needed an escape. He needed to be free of his chains.

He needed a way out, and she can provide him that.

She is his way out, despite all her flaws and anger, she is his escape.

And so, he married her.





"I mean, come on, look at them!"


"They're only here just to flirt with older men, they're after their money. Ugh."

"You do remember that you married oppa for money, right?"

"Good point."



"Get the ink, get the pen."

"Really? Right now? Right away?"

"I have nothing to lose but a lot to gain, why delay it?"

"You're so..chill about this, it frightens me."

"I'm okay even if we don't make a contract."

"Ani, let's make one."

"Let's make a contract in our hearts, let's sign it."

"You are disgusting."


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Chapter 43: Awwwwww....your stories always makes me feel so envious. Ugggh.
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Chapter 36: How xD
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Chapter 30: I volunteer Mark! Why you!!! ❤❤❤
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I'm glad I checked out your stories and blessed with new ones. Though I still came back re reading them all over again. XD
Chapter 43: re-reading this and saw the Kevin Kwan reference :)
Angelz0715 #6
Chapter 43: Cuteness overload xD
Chapter 43: LOVE IT <3
Chapter 4: Tom and jerry? Seriously??
Chapter 43: Omg I frickin love this!!!
Chapter 43: Loved the story!!! I love how you incorporated a few lines from got7's song, never ever xD... love rina and Mark's relationship~~