Never Ever




She only had one goal. It was revenge.

But she needed power to get it, she needed power so that she can make them suffer.

She needed his money and influence to be able to control them.

And so, she proposed to him.



He needed an escape. He needed to be free of his chains.

He needed a way out, and she can provide him that.

She is his way out, despite all her flaws and anger, she is his escape.

And so, he married her.





"I mean, come on, look at them!"


"They're only here just to flirt with older men, they're after their money. Ugh."

"You do remember that you married oppa for money, right?"

"Good point."



"Get the ink, get the pen."

"Really? Right now? Right away?"

"I have nothing to lose but a lot to gain, why delay it?"

"You're so..chill about this, it frightens me."

"I'm okay even if we don't make a contract."

"Ani, let's make one."

"Let's make a contract in our hearts, let's sign it."

"You are disgusting."



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Kpop56 0 points #1
Chapter 28: RINA!!!! You should've just let Jaebum keep talking because MARK IS IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! OK, so I'm happy that Rina pretty much just admitted her feelings for Mark, but like it just kinda irked me how she didn't let Jaebum finish his sentences because he was trying to tell her that Mark feels the same way about her. UGHHHH!!! I feel like it's about to be sad because she said she didn't wanna tie down Mark because she doesn't know that he's in love with her :((((
keyrea 0 points #2
everythinginBEIGE 0 points #3
Chapter 27: Mark son, you better be planning a grand proposal and open invitation for babies because I'm ready to see you guys become one wholesome family. Feels like haena x jinyoung will start first
kipasputih 0 points #4
Chapter 28: Hopefully Mark can understand irina feelings on him..
min-young 0 points #5
Chapter 28: Cmon markiepoo tell her your feelings
feesungi 1 points #6
Chapter 28: She not thinking clearly..but Mark now its ur time to be the one who got right head
0 points #7
Chapter 28: She can't be any clearer than that, aww, bet that makes Markie feels like on the nine cloud..... Hope this will be the drive for Mark to pursue her
I notice that she doesn't like Jaebum calling her Irina, why? Though I'm hapoy because it makes it intimate that she doesn't mind that Markie is calling ger that way
0 points #8
Chapter 28: Oh Rina Rina our sweetie Irina~ Mark loves you as much as you love him!!! Both of them are too kind and considerate towards each other. We need a trigger make them realised.. WE FREAKING NEED WANG JACKSON HERE.

0 points #9
Chapter 27: She also doesnt want the divorce to happen..somebody please knock their heads. Where is Wang Jackson when you desperately need his blatant statements?
choxaxa 0 points #10
Chapter 27: you don't have to end anything R! your Tuan will not like that idea you know. :(