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The Ultimate Guide For Fanfic Thirsty Exo-Ls 



 Anneyeonghaseyo ! You found my book ! WOOTS

About My Book - 

  •  I prefer Chaptered Stories than Oneshots.
  •  I have recommended tumblr fics as well which are in the Tumblr Fanfic Masterlist. => Chapter 153
  • If there is an important note or smth pls read it 
  •  I DO NOT read since I feel uncomfortable reading it . I will only recommend OC & Member Books . 
  • I will recommend more of OT12/6 , Baekhyun and Chanyeol ( since they're my biases aye ) ,  Kai and  others . 
  •  Rated M books are recommended (for you exo-ls like meh )
  • For rated M stories I will put M beside the story title
  • I LOVE MAFIA/GANG/LOTTO BASED FANFICS ! I too love angst , supernatural , fluff , comedy , slice of life ( not those cliché ones ) , thriller etc. books.
  •  B - Baekhyun , Chanyeol - Chanyeol , Kai - Kai , X - Xiumin , Lay - Lay , Luhan - Luhan , D - D.O , Suho - Suho , Sehun - Sehun , T - Tao , Kris - Kris , Chen - Chen . 
  •  I will try to update daily .

- Recommending Books -

  • You can recommend books in the comment section 
  • When recommending PLEASE give the LINK , GENRE , CHARACTERS ( OC & MEMBER ) .
  • NO

*cough* it will be great if u guys can recommend some mafia/gang/lotto fanfics heheh

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  •  Hidden | They say that the underworld is not a place for the weak. That it was dangerous and brutal. Well apparently my stubborn and naive mind didn't think so. [ ongoing ]

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  • Beneath | In which she discovers the dark secret behind those beautiful figures and faces of models. And experiences it. 
2/1/18 - Update, Tumblr Fanfic Masterlist


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Chapter 153: Thank you for the master List! I was looking for some good tumblr fics to check out and the coven sounds hella good x
I’ve been reading a book recently that Im enjoying cause it’s so well written. I’m not usually into slow burn but the author to this gives out information so well that I can’t stop reading. It’s a bit slow at the start but now stuffs picking up Im actually kinda attached to the characters. You might wanna check it out, anyway here’s the link -
Genre: Supernatural/Romance/a little angst
Characters: Kyungsoo, Luhan, OC
sasa_faustina #2
Chapter 149: I love this, but can you update more about kris
Kris is my bias, and actually i dont like fantasy so much
kiikuu #3
Chapter 42: The link is not working, I hope you can fix it, thank you :)
byunnur #4
Chapter 153: Woahh thank you so much for the update!!!
ptmwulmb #5
I would appreciate if you read this fic !! I have been reading this fic for awhile , as well as subscribing to this on my other account!! The fic is cute very little people read it >< https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1306659
I have to say this is really great what you're doing here! Not a lot of fanfictions get the exposure they deserve even though they are really great. On that note, I would really appreciate it if you took a look at this story: ) https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1278311/lilith-the-phoenix-amnesia-drama-fantasy-highschool-magic-mystery-romance-royalty-originalcharacter-exo-chanyeol ) My friend and I have been working really hard on this one. Still on going. I hope you like it.
Genre: Fantasy
Characters: Chanyeol & OC
Please check out my Kai x OC story! It's a oneshot, though it is rather long, that is rather angsty. https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1109728/blame-is-a-two-sided-war-angst-romance-you-originalcharacter-exo-jongin-jonginxoc
adltssrh #8
Chapter 117: This cant be open
byunnur #9
Tricialee #10
Chapter 153: thank you for making this ^_^