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♡Jin Jae Young♡

Name: Jin Jae Young

Birthday: ----

Bloodtype: ---

Race: Korean



- Is  a ulzzang and model

- Has the name as actress. 

- Couldn't find anything about this girl, but lots of picture.


Photo: 40



~Love, Kikki~


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love-letter #1
There's this guy named Kim Changmin took picture with Park Jiyeon before. I heard he's an ulzzang. Can I request him? :)
LeeAra23 #2
Chapter 108: Can I request Jung Minhee?
fany-tiffany #3
Chapter 253: can i request snsd tiffany
b1a4xoxobapxoxo #4
Chapter 106: Can I request Ulzzang Han Gook ?
yeoja_ss #5
Can I request Triplets from Return of Superman? They're very cute :3
ondubuh #6
Chapter 247: where can I find more pictures of kim gun? :3
hanbinking #7
Chapter 92: can i request for ulzzangs in wedding dress? :)
BestfriendStar1 #8
Chapter 48: Monsta X's Wonho <3
SistarsStar1 #10
Hi! I realized that you do not have a poster! I made this randomly, then I saw you shop. IF you want, you can use this.
Don't have to credit! ^^