♡Jin Jae Young♡

✰The World of Pretty Face!!! ✰

Name: Jin Jae Young

Birthday: ----

Bloodtype: ---

Race: Korean



- Is  a ulzzang and model

- Has the name as actress. 

- Couldn't find anything about this girl, but lots of picture.


Photo: 40



~Love, Kikki~


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FluffyNeedle #1
Chapter 62: baek su min is goalssss
Kevin-oppa91 #2
Chapter 284: Can i request for cha eunwoo of astro
Shophie #3
Chapter 72: FaceBook account from Go Kyu Hak:
Shophie #4
Chapter 41: Bae Sang Goon is a ulzzang, cyberstar and model.
His birthday is 23-2-1990.
His weight is 56 kgs.
And his height is 1.78 cm.
Shophie #5
Chapter 137: This is the link fron Ahn hong Min account:
Shophie #6
Chapter 55: Kang Min - Hyuk is a member from CN Blue. Is the It is the drummer.
LexByun #7
Where could I ask or look for Ulzzangs identities even though I only have their pictures? I don't know their names.
badboyzicogirll323 #8
Chapter 132: kim seuk hyes birthday is january 29 or january 9 not september?! !!!
minlee123 #9
Chapter 46: Good luck to Mike next year
momonica #10
Chapter 19: HOW old is pony???? im so curious