♡Jerica Gen dagohoy♡

✰The World of Pretty Face!!! ✰

Name: Jerica Gen Dagohoy

Birthday: ----


Race: Filipino



- Is a non Ulzzang and model.

- Knows Dustin Valdaz.

- More dosn't I know.


Photo: 19



Requested by niqho07

~Love, Kikki~


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nairanightrain #1
Chapter 75: im still shocked;;
Chapter 91: Myoung Jae's Instagram is @itchmng
Han min's Instagram is @hamingchu
Jmoore672 #3
Chapter 285: Can i request one or two?
KaraKuro #4
Chapter 44: and now Sang Il goes by Yoo Il and is in 5urprise~ ♥
tutis1357 #5
Chapter 222: Can someone pleas tell me if he's dating anyone at the moment cuz I know he dated yu seungjun but I think they broke up
MayaSu95 #6
Chapter 285: Can I request posts about Seo Jisoo, Lee Mijoo, Nam Woohyun - he is an idol but was a model pre debut - Lee Sungyeol, KimMyungsoo, Ilayda and Ardahan Yilmaz? I know the list is long..
constipatedpotato #7
Chapter 222: additional info for yu seungjun and lee namsoo: they used to date before : ' )
ayumi13 #8
Chapter 11: how much does this guy weigh lol
NarutoUzumaki20 #9
Chapter 81: 22 March 1990 is her real birthday
cute_korean_girl #10
Chapter 27: it's not true that ulzzang lee dasom were YG trainee, they just had a same name, YG trainee lee dasom born in 1992 and ulzzang lee dasom born in 1989