yah babo maid i love you !


this is a funny love story ~

Minjoon couple

this is my first ff so I hope you'll enjoy it ^^


Min is young and poor woman who works as a maid for rich people to survive. 

Her life is full of sadness, her family died years ago, and her boyfriend dumped her for another girl

One day , a handsome and rude man full of himself bumped into her , a few hours later she found out she had to work for him.

She didn't love him , he didn't love her.

But what will happen if they start developping feelings for each other especially when her ex who is the cousin of that man come  back?



Min: 21 years old 

a friendly girl who is sometimes rude and violent , but she's sensible and she always cares about her friends , she wil fall in love with Joon who is her master.




Joon: 22 years old

a young and rich man , he seems to be arrogant at first but he's kind and funny , he will fall in love with Min




 Suzy : 21 years old

She's Min's bestfriend and Joon's friend , she is always happy ,she does her best to help everyone , she is Yoseob's girlfriend.




Yoseob :22 years old

He's Min's bestfriend and Suzy's boyfriend , he always comforts the others and tries to help everyone .




kikwang : 23 years old

Min's ex and Hyuna's boyfriend




Hyuna: 23 years old

Joon's ex and Kikwang's girlfriend



Cheondung: 23 years old


Joon's bestfriend , he 's nice and considers Min as his little sister 




Songhee : 68 years old 

She's Joon's old maid , she's rude , and seems to be cold as an ice cube , but she really loves Min and Joon


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phytri #1
Chapter 40: glad you are back. and thank u for update. I wanna know more about this story and take my hand too. fighting authornim
chaeyong88 #2
Chapter 40: Finally author-nim OMGGGGGG ♡♡♡
minxdahye94 #3
LoveVath #4
please update this story
ElleJacobs #5
Chapter 39: Technically, kikwang and Hyuna are a lot alike. They're both selfish and they're never satisfied.
BabeThao #6
Chapter 39: please write more i am begging you
minniemin0408 #7
Chapter 39: Kikwang...!! Can I combine option a and c ?!!
maeanneda123 #8
Chapter 39: honestly thnk that Kkwang is a bastard. But, we'll see. Can't wat for the next udpate. :)
Coniii #9
Chapter 39: agdsgasdghahsdgashd aaah really!! feelings xdd
I will go for option A xdd
lee_minnie #10
Omg just read everything..
It's getting exciting, i love it..

Update pllllleeeeaaaasssseee :D