Unfortunate Love

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A girl name Tzuyu lost her boyfriend from a gang shoot and it had been three years since she lost him. She has been very cheerful so it wouldn't be noticiable that she is still sad. The day of his death has came and she still put on her smile and didn't want to think about her boyfriend. Then she met one guy and her whole life just took a big turn!

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elegantzuyu #1
Chapter 3: Jihyo is such a bish lol and TaeTzu is cute they're getting to know each other more.
I lowkey ship TaeTzu. Urghh ♡
eyesonu #3
Chapter 2: Omaigoddd this is cute !
elegantzuyu #4
Chapter 2: Cute :"> but if Nayeon didn't in TaeTzu probably would've been dancing the whole night ugh
elegantzuyu #5
Chapter 1: Nice first chapter! I'm glad TaeTzu already have moments I hope they have more sweeter moments and they'll end up together.
QweenB #6
SAMEEE!!! I hope you keep commenting on future chapters coming up!!
elegantzuyu #7
Omg I ship MinTzu and TaeTzu! This is gonna be lit and I love the poster :">