Unfortunate Love

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A girl name Tzuyu lost her boyfriend from a gang shoot and it had been three years since she lost him. She has been very cheerful so it wouldn't be noticiable that she is still sad. The day of his death has came and she still put on her smile and didn't want to think about her boyfriend. Then she met one guy and her whole life just took a big turn!

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Chapter 20: Such a mess I don't like it anymore too much drama >_< I just want TaeTzu to get back together and be happy
Chapter 19: I'm glad NaTzu are back in Korea and are trying to fix things. I hope TaeTzu gets back together! Plz make them together again.
Chapter 19: You posted the same chapter btw lol
Chapter 18: Omg this is way too tragic and dramatic TT I want the happy TaeTzu back! I hope Tzuyu still loves Taehyung and she should stop being so y and a playgirl.
Chapter 17: Ughh Tzuyu sort yourself out! I hope Taehyung uplifts himself and has the courage to go to Korea, apologize to Tzuyu and try to go back out with her.
Your_bias_stealer #6
Chapter 17: Yay ㄴ(ㅇ ㅅ ㅇ) ㄱ
롤<[ㅁ ㅗ ㅁ]>ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Chapter 16: Omg this story has got so tragic, angsty and chaotic >_< I hope TaeTzu gets back together. I hate that Taehyung slept with someone and Mingyu keeps stealing kisses from Tzuyu. But I get that he's trying to be there for her but it's not helping TaeTzu's current unstable relationship.
Your_bias_stealer #8
Chapter 16: Noooo
Your_bias_stealer #9
Chapter 15: My poor tzuyu
Chapter 15: Nooo!!! Although MinTzu is one of my ships this needs to stop and it's not right. TaeTzu are going out ughh. Tzuyu should just focus on Taehyung and stop being a playgirl. I hope TaeTzu won't break up </3. That principle should get arrested omg I'm fuming.