Unfortunate Love

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A girl name Tzuyu lost her boyfriend from a gang shoot and it had been three years since she lost him. She has been very cheerful so it wouldn't be noticiable that she is still sad. The day of his death has came and she still put on her smile and didn't want to think about her boyfriend. Then she met one guy and her whole life just took a big turn!

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Chapter 14: MinTzu are cute they're my fav Tzuyu ship after TaeTzu but ofc SaTzu is my first. But TaeTzu ftw! MinTzu can't happen coz TaeTzu are in love :"> and the MinTzu kiss was just a silly mistake. I'm glad TaeTzu quickly made up it would make me sad if they start giving each other the cold shoulder. I'm glad Tzuyu and Jackson have made up too that's cute.
Chapter 13: Aww yay I hope you make TaeTzu FMVs!!
Chapter 12: Aww TaeTzu's so cute and I love Taehyung for being such an awesome and loving bf to Tzuyu even though she's quite problematic
Chapter 11: This story is literally a rollercoaster. One minute I'm gushing over TaeTzu then the next I'm tense with the drama.
Your_bias_stealer #5
Chapter 11: Wait
Chapter 10: Omg :'( I didn't think Tzuyu's mum would die too soon. Taehyung plz save Tzuyu from Mingyu!! >_< He might do something bad to her.
Chapter 9: Yay I'm glad TaeTzu are official now :"> but at the same time I feel sorry for Tzuyu's mum :/ I hope she gets better.
Chapter 8: I hate Jungkook he can piss off! Lol TaeTzu ftw they're really happy and in love so I hope he won't get in the way.
Your_bias_stealer #9
Chapter 8: Oh no the cliff hanger is real but wow its amazing that our jungkookie is alive plus do i sense a jackrose ship here or something? Who nows cant wait for the next chapter❤️
Chapter 7: TaeTzu are official yay :"> and I hope that Tae will save Tzuyu from Mingyu