Drabbles of VIXX


Just my drabbles about VIXX . I love writing about them but I can't afford to write any more multi chaptered story so I'll just write some drabbles instead. 

Sorry if these doesn't reach your expectations.  

P.s. Most of the drabbles are based on real life event :)

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HanaMzHz 0 points #1
Chapter 39: Awwe~ so cute . Too much fluffiness XD
aneesakura 0 points #2
Chapter 39: Thank you so much authornim... This is really a good story.. It's beyond my expectation. As expected from the best author.. Jjang!!
0 points #3
Chapter 39: When they preformed the last stage, Leo looked so tired and worn out ;-; I hope he gets better soon! I wished we could've gave hem a win before they ended their promotions ;-;
bibibelle 0 points #4
Chapter 39: Thank you for potraying the 'all the mini scene' nicely...
Even I know it's only a story, but it feels so real and happy to read the story... Keep up the good work, Author-nim!
expecting more.. more.. lovely story in the future ^^
afra125 0 points #5
Chapter 39: omg neo T^T very nice I like the way you write their friendship XD
I want a sequel for this *just a wish please don't feel pressured* ^^
JinOppaJHopeOppa 0 points #6
Chapter 39: My Neo heart loves this ♡
chinedup 0 points #7
Chapter 39: I really really love your writing
It makes me smile without knowing it
RitaMh 0 points #8
Chapter 39: Sweet *-*
Dulanga 0 points #9
Chapter 39: Neo ❤ I was waiting for a Neo.
0 points #10
Chapter 39: LR promos equal neo and Navi xD