Drabbles of VIXX


Just my drabbles about VIXX . I love writing about them but I can't afford to write any more multi chaptered story so I'll just write some drabbles instead. 

Sorry if these doesn't reach your expectations.  

P.s. Most of the drabbles are based on real life event :)

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StarPride 0 points #1
Chapter 50: Chapter 50: Oh, this chapter. I remember reading somewhere about how mad Hakyeon was towards that one rude fan attending their fansigning.
HanaMzHz 0 points #2
Chapter 50: This is cute XD I love this <3
aneesakura 0 points #3
Chapter 50: It's like a real story of them... Most people will explode when they angry but our leader has said that when he is angry, he become more calm. I think its more scary then the one that explode. He will smile sheepishly when he angry.
0 points #4
Chapter 50: Tbh predebut Mydol era Hakyeon is kind of scary, but these days I wonder, but I like that Taekwoonie's immediate revenge to hyogi for yeonnie, I m in need of neo these days.
bibibelle 0 points #5
Chapter 50: nice story, author-nim.... xD
I cannot hide my smile and hope the sweet-little-things like this story really happened in their real live...
JinOppaJHopeOppa 0 points #6
Chapter 50: I think that if Hakyeon was pushed to the limit, he could be pretty scary. He'll jokingly scold the members from time to time, but how about when he's stressed and without sleep? I wouldn't want to mess with him.
allyssinspirit_141 0 points #7
Chapter 50: Well.. He did made jaehwan cry once
justLIKEmagic 0 points #8
Chapter 50: tbh i always wonder about how hakyeon is when he reach his limits
0 points #9
Chapter 50: That ending got me "YAS BROTHERHOOD"
0 points #10
Chapter 50: Sometimes I wonder about it, I think it will be so ugly, so bad.
And sometimes I wonder how the members deal with it too, and I can't imagine it~