ONE in a MILLION (baekyeol)

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Baekhyun is a normal 19 years old boy, who  grew up without his parents and worked hard to pay for his bills. Since he was 13, he tried to survive and gather money for his medical school. Sadly, the small amount he managed to save, wasn't enough to cover the taxes, leaving him with no other choice but to sell his body as a surrogate mother.  Nine months of sacrifice vs a life without worries, well Baekhyun knew what to choose.


" Are you sure you want to do this?" Sehun asked confused. The best friend couldn't believe his ears.

" I'm not going to enter the medical school if I don't have money. Trust me, this is the best thing I can do." Baekhyun said as he folded the money and put them into his pocket. Seconds later, he sign the contract without thinking twice.


Jung Chanyeol is the heir of Ink Industries and like any other man who recently reached his 30 springs, he is pressured by his family , to provide a heir of his own. One problem, tho.  After his fiance left him in front of the altar and ran with his best man, Chanyeol  promised to NEVER, love again. But Jung Yunho, his father, had other plans. " If he wants the company , he has to give me a grandchild." the CEO muttered under his breath while he was waiting for his son. Beside him, Jaejoong nodded in agreement. The mother tried all he could to convince his son, but it was to no use.


" I told you so many times. I'm not getting married. When will you understand?" Chanyeol hissed. By now, his frustration turning into fury.


" Who said marriage. You are going to do this." Yunho threw the newspaper in front of his son and pointed to Baehyun's advertisement.


Chanyeol's eyes widened as he read the lines. " Blond young man, healthy , no smoking , no drinking , all the medical tests updated, no background of mental illnesses in the family history, is looking to become a surrogate mother. If you are a loving family or a single man who wants to become a father I can help you. The medical and other expenses will be discussed when we meet."


" Dad, are you serious?" The young man said puzzled. Still not believing what he just read.


" More than you think."


" Forget it. I'm not doing this." Chanyeol slammed the paper on his father's desk and was about to exit the office when Yunho shouted after .


"This is your ONE in a MILLION chance to have a kid and inherit the company. Blow it and Kai will take everything. He is my son, to. Remember?"



Baekhyun - 19 years old who wants to become a surrogate mother because he needs money.
Chanyeol - 30 years old, heir of the Jung family, his parents want him to provide a heir of his own
Jung Yunho and Jaejoong - owners of a large company, worried for their sons
Kai - Chanyeol's younger brother, the rebel 
Sehun - Baekhyun's best friend
Ren - Chanyeol's ex 
Chanyeol's biologic father and his two sons are unknown when the story starts



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