He thought he was the only one who knows about his own past and memories.

He thought he was able to hide it from the world.

He thought that he was the only one who remembers his pain.

He just didn't know that there was someone else in this world who saw his past, his "story."

*  *  *  *  *  *


My first official NBin/ChaBin fanfic! *heartbeats loudly*

Most my readers probably suffered a long second lead syndrome because of my other fanfics for Hongbin (because I killed myself with it too), so I decided to make up for it and created this new story.

As per usual, there are elements of fantasy/fiction, emotional roller coasters, stupidity and my horrid grammars since English isn't my language but ~ I promise to give you a nice lengthy new fanfic of NBin/ChaBin.

Also, why are there so little NBin/ChaBin fanfics out there? ;_;



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Nbin fic! Going to start reading and just subscribed ♡
Dulanga #2
Chapter 37: They will find a way to make everything alright
Chapter 37: ooh, mind blowing...Taekwoon is learning a lesson I guess... I believe that people can change for better and I wish he changes T_T
VIXXate_98 #4
Chapter 36: I sense that a bean came to the rescue xDDDDDDDDDDD
Hanisya #5
Chapter 35: Oh Hyukkie ㅠㅠ I cry for something that still not and may not happen XD
ndienindi #6
Chapter 26: Your stories never disappoinment me <3
Dulanga #7
Chapter 34: Omo this story.... Your stories are always interesting and I can't wait to know the rest.
Chapter 34: oh my god, Hongbin is on earth again and I'm kind of sad for Taekwoon agh.. it's so confusing and thank you for updating it in your heavy schedule.
oh and about the charts starlights around the world are so happy about this , I can't even believe my eyes every time I opene the site I'm like "is this refreshed? or I'm looking at the old chart" god they deserved this ...
Hanisya #9
Chapter 34: Glad to know that my worry is similar to Hakyeon's... It somehow shows that I'm not alone in my own imagination ^^"

SAME HERE! I still think that I'm crazy to think sth like this woahhhh finally Shangri La gets what it deserves! I keep promoting their remix stage to my collegemates and fangirling hard when they praise them XD
VIXXate_98 #10