A Billionaire's Confession


They are married and they still have a lot to confess. 


Confessions of a Hopeless Millionaire's Sequel.


Thank you, for everything.


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Chapter 24: lol taeyeon punishment is really something kekeke... why jessi still doesnt want to be pregnant ... huft
kakjuv #2
Chapter 24: Taeyeon to do the punishment? Damn, good bye world.
13 streak #3
Chapter 24: Ohoho veremos un lado distinto de Yul?(>.<)
bbonz01 #4
Chapter 23: Cool another update. I've been checking this from time to time authornim.
I even went back to the prequel while awaiting for any updates.
Chapter 24: I'm curious what will tae do this time..
Yuri's request and tae the planner
Then boom the punishment
crazykwonyurifan #6
Chapter 24: Juran's punishment plan made by yul herself and execution would be by taeyeon, thats my kwon seobang, scary only when it comes to her sica baby, her wifey... juran u will not stand a chance in BILLION years... yul is only for sica ♥♥♥
Chapter 24: I really can’t wait for the next chapter... punishment is coming straight on your face, Juran.
Chapter 24: Omg I’ve been away from AFF for a while and so happy my fav fic is updated!!
Chapter 24: HellYul is unleashed!
Chapter 24: Goshh I can’t wait!!! Please update again, author. I miss this story so muchhh.