You're in-love, I'm in pain


Amber and Yuri has both fall in love with the Jung sister. Yes, they love the Jung sister so much that they would sacrifice their own lifes for them. But will this be appreciate it by the Jung sister? would they love Amber and Yuri has much as they love them? The answer is no because Krystal and Jessica has already been in a relationship. Both of them has been dating their other half for about 5 months now. They love their other half so much. To them Amber and Yuri are someone who they could talk to when their sad, depressed. Or when their boyfriends has something to do and can't be with them. They'll call Amber and Yuri to accompany them. But once they get a call from their boyfriends saying that their free or that thing is canceled. They would immediately leave Amber and Yuri alone to met up with their boyfriend. Jung sister are in love but Amber and Yuri are in pain! Will there be someone who'll come into both of their lives. Will Yuri and Amber move on, to love another person? Read more to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amber Josephine Liu

- member of F(x)

- 22 years old

- best buddy with Yuri 

- loves Krystal so much but Krystal doesn't


Krystal Jung 

- memeber of F(x)

- 21 years old

- girlfriend of Kai

- younger sister of Jessica


Jessica Jung

- member of Girl Generation

- 24 years old

- girlfriend of Tyler

- older sister of Krystal


Yuri Kwon

- memeber of Girl Generation

- 24 years old

- loves Jessica so much but Jessica doesn't

- best buddy with Amber





Kim Jong-in (Kai)

- 21 years old

- boyfriend of Krystal


Tyler Kwon

- bussiness man

- 25 years old

- boyfriend of Jessica 



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Chapter 29: No worry, author! All the best for your exam :)) I'll be waiting for your comeback.
DIC_0428 #2
Chapter 29: No need to Worry Emily. Just take your time and school stuffs and personal stuffs comes first.

Wishing you Goodluck on your exams.

You can do it!!! Fighting!!!!
DIC_0428 #3
Chapter 28: This news actually made me tear up from happiness . And It's already confirmed they are official break up.
Stressssss #4
Chapter 28: Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 28: Exactly my reaction ㅋㅋㅋ
Chapter 28: No brake up is happening because their relationship is fake kkk XD
lucy29 #7
Chapter 28: Happy day
sone_marg14 #8
Chapter 28: yehhhhhheeeeyyyyyy!!!!!!
Harryturtlee #9
Chapter 28: Why i cant see the picture? Is it real! FINALLY!!!!
King_Aston #10