You're in-love, I'm in pain


Amber and Yuri has both fall in love with the Jung sister. Yes, they love the Jung sister so much that they would sacrifice their own lifes for them. But will this be appreciate it by the Jung sister? would they love Amber and Yuri has much as they love them? The answer is no because Krystal and Jessica has already been in a relationship. Both of them has been dating their other half for about 5 months now. They love their other half so much. To them Amber and Yuri are someone who they could talk to when their sad, depressed. Or when their boyfriends has something to do and can't be with them. They'll call Amber and Yuri to accompany them. But once they get a call from their boyfriends saying that their free or that thing is canceled. They would immediately leave Amber and Yuri alone to met up with their boyfriend. Jung sister are in love but Amber and Yuri are in pain! Will there be someone who'll come into both of their lives. Will Yuri and Amber move on, to love another person? Read more to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amber Josephine Liu

- member of F(x)

- 22 years old

- best buddy with Yuri 

- loves Krystal so much but Krystal doesn't


Krystal Jung 

- memeber of F(x)

- 21 years old

- girlfriend of Kai

- younger sister of Jessica


Jessica Jung

- member of Girl Generation

- 24 years old

- girlfriend of Tyler

- older sister of Krystal


Yuri Kwon

- memeber of Girl Generation

- 24 years old

- loves Jessica so much but Jessica doesn't

- best buddy with Amber





Kim Jong-in (Kai)

- 21 years old

- boyfriend of Krystal


Tyler Kwon

- bussiness man

- 25 years old

- boyfriend of Jessica 



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Julian0928 0 points #1
Chapter 34: Cliffhanger author-nim really PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
jasonds 0 points #2
Chapter 34: no please dont torture yuri author nim....please let her be happy with her princess
kryberforevertogethe 0 points #3
Chapter 34: OMG. Cliffhanger, I hope you update the next chapter soon, maybe tomorrow? Don't leave us (readers) hanging in here and thirst for updates. I want to know what happens next. Man poor Yuri.
:( Thank you for not abandon this story, and give us (reader) a good story to read. Keep up the good work author! :)
kwonyy 0 points #4
Chapter 34: why just left like that not wait for explain first
0 points #5
Chapter 34: omo yul :O
hope yul will have an amnesia ;)
kryberforevertogethe 0 points #6
Chapter 33: OMG give Yuri a girl so that Jessica will be jealous. Can't wait for the next chapter. Hope you update today. :)
kwonyy 0 points #7
Chapter 33: hope this girl the one make sica jealous
Chapter 32: can u make sica jealous bcuz she found yul flirting, kissing another girl and when sica try to stop her, yul will get mad at her and leave her kkk
give me drama plzzz
xindiemei #9
Chapter 32: Update soon author nim... Popr yuri
xindiemei #10
Chapter 32: Update soon author nim... Popr yuri