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Myungsoo’s POV.

I waited for the dickface to show up in the park. Is he on the right mind to meet in the park? Tss.. are we going on a date?

I was inside the car. Tapping the stirring wheel in impatience.

I was surely mad at Eunjae. Tss. My balls are still aching! I feared that Eunsoo and Soojae will never be born! Argg my kids.

Speaking of the . He arrived.

I smirked and went out of the car. And he did the same.

“I’m here to tell you something”

“duh, it’s obvious” I rolled my eyes.

“look—“ I cut him off.

“no you look, I know everything about you and your foster dad who wants to kill my wife. And I swear, if either of you lay a finger on her. I won’t hesitate to fire all my guns on those rusty brains of yours.”

“what? how did you know?”

“none of your business ”

“stop calling me that. I’m here for your help” I snorted. I can’t believe what I’m hearing right now.

“where did your pride go? And so as your ego?” I mocked.

“shut up you’re talking too much”

“I’m here for your help. I don’t want Eunjae to get harmed. I know I want to kill her at first. But seeing how my cousin and her are very close I don’t have the gut to do it. and seeing how Eunjae make Victoria happy. She’s a very good person. And if I kill Eunjae Victoria will be sad and I don’t want her to blame me. She’s the only family I have. And if I fail to kill Eunjae my dad will kill Victoria. So I’m asking for your help I don’t want either of them to get hurt” he said with sad eyes which is totally disgusting.

“you still call that filthy bastard your dad?”

“I thought he was one”

“what if Victoria isn’t close with Eunjae at all. Will you kill Eunjae?” this.

He hesitated for a moment and smile like an idiot. “No”

“how can I make sure this isn’t all a trap?” I asked just to be sure.

“Victoria is here. I told you I don’t want any of this. I want to have a peaceful life.”

“peaceful my . You and your dad are one of the druglord”

“I didn’t sell anything even touch anything. I just watched them” Jaejoong explained.

“let’s plan this all tomorrow. Inform me about your dad and i’ll tell my friend”  Jaejoong nodded.

We went back to our own cars. But before we can enter inside.

“hey dickface” I called out he turn around.

“so you admit you look like a ” I smirked.

“just say it ” Jaejoong said. WTF!


“you look like an expanding when you’re mad” he smirked wider.

This guy!!.

“tss. Thanks dickface” he nodded and went inside his car. We parted our ways now on my way back to our home.


The lights are off. She must be asleep, I searched for Eunjae all over the house and found her on the bedroom curled up with her night dress.

She looks tired, I parted the hair covering her face and tucked them to her ears. And kissed her goodnight. I showered and wear the usual clothes I wear and lay beside my lovely wife who just kicked my jewels a while ago.

I pulled her closer her that I can feel her breathing on my chest. I can stay like this forever. She whimpered a little, she’s having a bad dream again. Don’t worry love, all those problems will be over soon. I put my finger between her meeting eyebrows making her calm a little. I kissed her forehead, the tip of her nose and finally her sweet lips. I hugged her closer. And I can hear her faint mumbles like.

“Sorry Myungsoo” and “I love you” making me smile. Soon I fell to my slumber hoping to meet my wife on my dreams. 




aww sweet hahaha!!...





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