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He’s not sleepy yet so he just stood there with his elbows propped on the metal. His thoughts ran on random things most of them includes you and him, he can’t stop himself from smiling remembering how cute you are when you smile, how pretty you are in very simple clothes, how you make him calm down with those sincere eyes of yours. His heart keeps thumping, still his head is confused. His heart is telling him that IT is the reason why he is acting like this, but still his brain can’t accept it.

He stayed like that for an hour enjoying the view when he hear you whimper his train of thoughts vanished and he quickly dashed to the bedroom, to see you struggling, gripping the bed sheets and thick drops of sweat was all over your face.


“” Myungsoo cursed and immediately climbed up on the bed.

He held your arms while he shook you a little.

“Eunjae” he carefully whispers.



Gasping for air you woke up, catching your breathe and looked around to see Myungsoo looking at you with a worried expression.





“Myungsoo” you hugged him as soon as your eyes landed on his worried face. He hugged you while caressing your hair.

“shhh. I’m here” *she’s having a nightmare so often* Myungsoo thought in worry.

You sniffed and pull back.

“I don’t want to go back to sleep” your voice is quivering. It was another dreadful dream about your uncle and the plane crash.

“shh, no. you should go back to sleep. I’m here. I’m not even sleeping yet” Myungsoo wiped the tears flowing on your cheeks.

“but, he- he’s coming for me. the plane. Mom and dad” you’re starting to cry again, but Myungsoo just hugged you, you buried your face on his chest. He can’t take that face of your filled with tears it’s crumpling his heart to pieces. /Author’s note: he’s still wearing the Black wife beater.. So, he looks hot on that scene! Kekekeke/


“listen to me, listen to me baby” Myungsoo cupped your face and made you look at him. he wiped the tears away and looked to your eyes.

“there’s nothing going to happen, I’m here. I won’t leave. I won’t let anyone hurt you okay? Especially your uncle. Just trust me. okay? Please?” Myungsoo looked at you with pure concern and his eyes are telling. Trust me you nodded and looked down but Myungsoo held your chin and pecked your dried lips.

“go back to sleep, my kiss are like magic it makes you fall asleep. Just like what happened a while ago” Myungsoo laughed a little. You blushed on that fact. *It is true. His kisses make everything so calm and fine. Oh my Myungsoo*


“you should go to sleep” you told him.

“I would, sleep first”

“no, sleep with me. Please” you pouted.

“okay, princess” Myungsoo kissed your forehead and hugged your figure.

In return you pulled him close your arm around his neck and the other one under the pillow.

He looked at you one more time and closed his eyes.



Myungsoo’s POV


I slowly opened my eyes to feel my wife’s hot breathing on my neck. Her eyes were a little puffy from the crying last night. But, it never stopped her beauty from shining. She’s beautiful inside and out. I moved my head a little to get a clearer view of her sleeping face. Her forehead, her eyes which has the same shape as mine, her nose that fits her face perfectly well, her cherry lips that I’m addicted to, I can kiss those lips all day if only she lets me.

I decided to stay like that for a while and wait for her to wake up. Then my phone rung making Eunjae stir on her sleep. *damn it, who’s this punk disturbing us* I took my phone and looked at the caller ID.

“Lee Sungyeol, Damn you” I said with gritted teeth. I rise up from the bed and went to the veranda and answer the bastard’s call. “what do you want!?” I said with firm hate to this guy. I swear, is this guy following us? Why does he appear on my precious moments.

“hey! What’s with the tone. How’s honeymoon dude” the bastard joyfully asked.

“better, until now” my temper is still boiling on this boy. I’m trying to control myself from killing him. but this time, the moment I will see this guy’s hair I would slash his neck.

“ooh, did I interrupt something? Are you two doing IT?” he gave emphasize on the IT.

“yes, so please hang up. You’re a er do you know that?” he gasped.

“I’m so sorry! Dude it’s morning! Why morning?! You can do it at night!” Sungyeol freaked out.

“she’s my wife I can do whatever I want bastard. Now, if you’re done talking-“  I was about to close the phone but his screaming protest can be heard even though the speaker is away from my ears. *he really has a huge  mouth!*

“what? do you want?” my grip on the phone was tightening. I exhaled trying to calm myself.

“well, I was really not the one who called you. it was your mom. She just handed the phone to me, just making sure you two did IT. She wants grandchildren for sure. And I think she picked a good time. Your mom is jumping for joy right now” Sungyeol said, I can already imagine him rolling his eyes from my mom’s craziness.

I shook my head and hang up. I turn around to see Eunjae still sleeping.

I looked back on the rising sun, *A jog won’t hurt right?*

I changed to a black wife beater and jogging pants with the shoes Hoya hyung gave me for my birthday last year.

I brought my phone with me and leave a message to Eunjae saying ‘Just out for a jog, hon, be back later. Text me if you’re awake ‘kay?’

I went out of the house to be welcomed by fresh breeze. It’s sunrise but many people were around. I started to pace around the beach. I can already feel the girls swooning over me and I know that I’m hot. But to Eunjae, I know she will just scoff at me.  I jog for a few rounds before I got completetly tired I sat down on one of the benches and looked at the people passing by. My popularity cant be stopped since all the girls are glancing at my way. Trying to show their y part which is so obvious. But, I’m not interested; I have my own hot wife, still on the bed sleeping. Though, she doesn’t know she looks hot with just a shorts and a sleeveless shirt. Indeed, my wife is plain simple. I stopped flirting and hanging out with different girls after the incident on the rain (check out chapter 23). I don’t know why, but myself kept telling me to be honest with my wife.


I guess the girls can’t stand my hotness so one of them decided to approach me. I rolled my eyes when she put her hands on my chest and she grazed her legs on mine. I just scoffed and gave her my death glares which shows, ‘I’M NOT INTERESTED YOU UGLY ’ I guess my wife already sensed that someone was flirting on her husband because my phone beeped signaling a message. It’s from my wife.


From: wifey,


Myungsoo, I’m already awake. I cooked breakfast too. hurry up ^^


I smiled and dialed my wife’s number. After a few rings her y morning voice welcomed me.

“hello?”  she said on the other line.

“hey, hon. I’m on my way.” I make sure the ‘hon’ was greatly emphasized on the ’s face. She pouted with irritation and put her hands down and stormed away. I smiled in satisfaction.

“oh, okay”

“bye hon”

“err-- bye” 






i just woke up! hahaha! and remembered you guys waiting for my update i just can't bear it! so here you go! hihihi! 






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