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What happen if you two live in one roof and started bickering because of getting involve in his silly business and found out that you two are slowly falling into each other? Will you two end up being real married couple or will it just stay fake marriage until the contract gets expired?

 “f-f-uture w-wife?!!” I screamed in my head. But I need money.. Mom, Dad please accept my decision..

Those words keep repeating on your mind, while you were laying on yours and Myungsoo’s king size bed, and your room which is twice big as your abandoned house itself.

This life is so boring, I can’t cook because Myungsoo tell the maids to don’t let me touch any cooking utensils, in short don’t let me cook!, Myunsoo don’t want me to clean the house!, he also don’t want me to go out all by myself. Aish! Evil him! what kind of brain does Myungsoo has?! Seriously, I’m getting bored in this huge house. *sigh* well, do you want to know how I end up here? Being Myungsoo fiancé and all? Lets see… let me tell you the story.


10,000.00 Won…

That was the last money I have on my ATM., The last money, And I don’t want to spend it, so I have my emergency fund. Being a delivery girl is not helping my find at all. I spend all my money paying for my education. And now I’m all down, empty. I need a new Job!!! I think and think while lying on my bunk bed. Then I snapped my finger.









                   I’LL WORK HARD!!!!


I posted this advertisement on a free advertising website. I hope somebody will notice this soon you shut your old version thick yet shiny laptop you have and started to drift off.

The Next Day:

After getting ignored as usual on your school and getting bullied by the queenkas there, Especially Taehee. (I didn’t add her on the description since she just have a small role here) you decided to go to your work and deliver the bread and cakes you baked that the customers ordered, together with your bestfriend.

“annyeong haseyo! Ahjusshi!” you greeted Chanseul’s dad. ‘Time to bake’ you giglled and helped chanseul and her dad finish the orders,

“here are the orders and addresses Eunjae.. Take care!” Chan Seul’s dad handed you the list and you gathered the bread and cakes and loaded it onto the store’s motorcycle. You were about to zoom off when Chanseul called you.

“Yah! Wait for me!” she ran towards you.

“you can’t always come to my work you know” you rolled your eyes.

“yes I can.. and I want some free time with my bestfriend” she pouted and hop in the motorcycle.

Your work ended fast so you walked home Chan seul can’t accompany you since she needs to help her parents on closing the store.

I don’t have anything to eat at home.. you thought as you continued walking.

You passed by a store and decided to get a cup of ramyeon just to fill in your empty stomach.

You reached your abandoned house and started eating ramyeon after that you decided to take a warm bath before resting after a long tiring day.

When you came out of the bathroom, your cellphone rang.

You quickly picked it up and looked at the caller’s ID.

“It’s unknown? Who would call me this time of night?”


“are you Choi Eun Jae?” a cold and stern voice answered.

“yes? Who are you?”

“It seems that you are looking for a job, I’ve seen it on an online advertisement”

“oh yeah! I am!”

“Is your face the one posted in the poster?”

“yes. Why?”

“good. Meet me tomorrow on Seoul Café 4:00pm.”

“uhh.. am I hired? Sure”

“no not yet. Until you meet me tomorrow”your shoulders deflated.

“oh! I will be surely there! Kamsahamnida!!!” you cheerfully said.

“whatever”  the voice answered and hang-up

Wow! He’s rude.. but I’m happy I have my possibility of having a job.!!!

You darted to your bed and drowse off..




It’s him on the front page holding a girl’s hand while the girl is leaning on his shoulder.

“ugh.. dad.. it’s just another rumor don’t believe them” Myungsoo rolled his eyes in a boring expression and continued playing with his Iphone and rested his back on his comfy expensive couch, he put his two legs above the table. His dad looked at him in a bewildered expression.


“THAT’S IT KIM MYUNGSOO! TO STOP THIS RUMOR! YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!” his mom pointed at him. while heaving a stressed sigh.

Myungsoo shot up and looked at his parents with wide eyes.” BWOH!!!?”

“yes! It’s better! You need to find a wife or else we will look someone for you. You have 2 days.” His dad said.

“2 days?! Wife?! Are you guys kidding me!!!!?” Myungsoo Shrieked with an unbelievable expression in his face.

“no” his parents chorused. With arms crossed on their chests.

“but I just turned 18!!” Myungsoo shouted.

“find a wife or your credit card and cars will be taken away” his mom said and leave the room with his dad.

Myungsoo smoothed his face with his hand and sighed.

“How am I going to look for a girl in 2 days! And the worst part is my wife?! I can’t marry the girls I go out, they are all just toys and s.” Myungsoo thought and sighed again.

Without any choice he his Ipad decided to browse the net to relieve his stress, an advertisement flash beside the webpage. And that advertisement is the one you posted.

Myungsoo noticed your cute pose with your eye smile and cute dimples.

He had the interest to click on the advertisement. He read all the details you posted and mumbled.

“why would this girl apply for a maid is she nuts? Or crazy? With this look? A maid?”

Then the idea of finding a girl flashed on his mind. Myungsoo smirked and gathered the information he needed and called you.

“heheheh. Hello wifey!”  he whispered then Myungsoo dialed your number.



Myungsoo woke up prepared for school and went downstairs to find 2 tables full of food, this is normal on his life.

He saw his parents. And he rolled his eyes.

“so Myungsoo, have you started looking for a girl? Or should we look for you?” his Mom asked.

“i’ll show her to you , once I found her” he ate in silence.

“sure but remember you have 2 days and If you haven’t find any, we’ll look for someone”

“we’ll see” myungsoo continued eating.



“L!!” Sungyeol shouted when he came out of his car. Girls can be heard squealing and spazzing at the sight of infinite.

L approached his groupmates,

“sooo, which girl will you pick?” woohyun asked whle wiggling his eyebrows.

“of course he will pick the one who’s hot and will give everything If you know what I mean” dongwoo cackled.

L rolled his eyes.

“I really cant believe my parents.” L sighed.

“seriously hyung, who will you pick you’ve got tons of girls who are ready to marry you anytime” Sungjong said.

“I cant marry those kind of girls, I want a decent one, so Mom and Dad will approve and they’ll shut up”

“well, girls like that don’t exist anymore” Sunggyu explained.

“we’ll see” L smirked.

“oooohhhhhhh” Infnite chorused and proceeded to their classes.



I woke up at 1:00pm, wow I guess I’m too tired.

I do my necessities and ate, excited for my new job. I wonder who my boss will be.

 Will she or he be nice to me? I hope yes… I thought.

I Finished everything and headed to Seoul’s Café. Where could that be.

I hail a taxi and told the driver to bring me to Seoul Café.

We stopped at a huge building and the driver told me this is the place.

I pay and went out of the taxi. My eyes are getting wide at the sight, I dint even know this place exists it looks like the place are for rich people only.

I entered the café and one waiter approached me.

“are you Ms. Choi Eun Jae?” he asked.


“please follow me” he bowed and started to walk.

I followed him, I’m gathering stares and glares from people, I can tell they’re judging me on the way they look at me .. uggh… until we reach a table with an old man.

“sir, here she is” the waiter bowed and left.

“annyeong haseyo, I’m Choi Eun Jae” I bowed. The man stood up and bowed. he sit back and told me to sit.

Is he my boss? Gosh, he is so nice.

“so, Ms. Choi. If you’re thinking that I am your boss, I am not, sorry.” The old man smiled.

“what? Well, excuse sir, if you’re not my boss who?” I asked confusion is flooding all over my face.

“you’ll meet him soon, please enjoy this small treat he prepared for you” he stood up and bowed.

What? I thought. Then after a few seconds. 5 waiters with silver plates came out heading for my table.

“your order ma’am” I shot up

“no! I didn’t order anything” I panicked.

“don’t worry ma’am. Mr. Kim paid for this and please enjoy” the waiter left.

I was left with this yummy looking food that I’ve never seen on my entire life.

I decided to try the one with frosting on top. And O.O!!! it is so delicious it’s my first time eating this kind of food!.

This maybe embarrassing but I ate all 5 plates that the waiter served. I can’t help it it’s too delicious! And I’m hungry.

After eating the old man approached me.

“Ms. Choi please follow me,  Mr. Kim is ready to meet you”

“is he my boss, sir?” he nodded.

Oh my god! I’m getting nervous..

A car approached us, and I hopped in

We arrived at a what is this AN OVERLY SIZED HUGE HOUSE?! I MEAN A MANSION?!

I was awestruck when Mr. Old man called me

“Ms. Choi please follow me” I once again followed.

We reached and overly sized living room which in the furniture and stuffs look so expensive.

Mr. Old Man stopped and he speaks.

“here she is Sir.” I peeked at Mr. Old man’s shoulder and saw a guy on a couch with a magazine, the magazine is covering his face.

“thank you mr. shin. You may leave now” I remember that voice! It’s the cold voice from the phone.

I stood there awkwardly. Waiting for any command.

Then finally the guy closed the magazine and for the first time my jaw dropped seeing a very gorgeous face in front of me, his hair was disheveled a bit but in a stylish way, he have this cold charming eyes where in when you look at it you will fall for a special charm. I was getting dreamy when he interrupted.

“you know, this is your first time working and your creeping me out” he said in a bored expression and he smirked.

“oh. I’m sorry sir” he smirked again. Wow, he love smirking.

“listen,  I guess I let everything clear, Is 500,000 won a month is enough?” he asked.

5-5-5-500,000,000 what??!! My eyes widened upon hearing that.

“f-f-ive what?” I stuttered.

“500,000,000 won, why do you want dollar? I can change it”

“n-no! no! it’s okay, but don’t you think it is too much? I’m just a personal maid”

“that’s why I’m getting things cleared. But first, promise me you are going to accept the job” he sternly said and looked at me with cold eyes.

“sit down first” he motioned.

“yes, I will accept and promise , I mean this is a limited opportunity” I beamed.

“actually, I hired you not to be my maid, but to be my future wife… .you can’t say no anymore. You promised, there’s your room upstairs. Visit it. My future wife..” he smirked. And left me dumbfounded in the middle of a very huge living room he have.

what the hell just happened?? I’m stuck aren’t I? I’m not ready to get married!! I’m not! I’m not! I wanted to cry but, the money I need it so badly. Sorry mom and dad.


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