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Hours passed.. Myungsoo was woken up by a sudden shout outside the abandoned room.

“L-ah!! Yah! Myungsoo! Eun Jae! Where are you guys?!” He recognized it was Sungyeol’s voice.

You slightly moved on his arms and he sighed.

*arrgh! That bastard, when will he learn to lower his voice* Myungsoo thought.

Having no choice he gently carried you bridal style and went out, then Sungyeol spotted the both of you.

“yah! Where did you two go?!” Sungyeol shouted while pointing at the both of you.

“yah! If you don’t ing shut up, I swear I’m gonna slash your neck” Myungsoo threatened.

Sungyeol just continued blabbering but this time he lowered his voice.


“I’m going to take her home. Go home too. Thanks by the way” Myungsoo went to his car as well as Sungyeol.

On the way.. you woke up and noticed that you’re in Myungsoo’s car. He looked at you.

“morning, sleeping beauty”

“where are we?”

“almost there”

Then you noticed the familiar place it was the Kim’s residence. You went out of the car. And ignored Myungsoo, you feel awkward after what happened a while ago and went inside the house, the maids greeted the both of you.

You were about to went upstairs when Myungsoo called you.

“yah! You’re not going to eat?”

“i-I, don’t want to eat” you looked away.

“you have to..” he grabbed you and dragged you to the kitchen.

You don’t want him to get mad so you just followed.

He pushed you on a seat and you started eating slowly and quiet. The atmosphere was damn awkward.

“hey..” he started. “am I already forgiven?”

You think about it for a second a remembered what happened a while ago, your cheeks flushed pink and remembered Myungsoo’s scent that made you smile.

“I’ll take that as a yes, and hey it’s okay to hang out with that Minjun guy. Just don’t be touchy with him I don’t like it” you rolled you eyes. *jealous -.-*

After eating you two leave the dining area and went to the couch to relax and watch some TV. this was your first time watching the TV again after years.  Then Myungsoo sat beside you and put an arm around your shoulder his face was on your neck feeling his hot breath. You tried to look at him. * here he goes again.. my heart please stop racing! please Stop racing!*

“I have something to ask” he mumbled.

“what?” *be calm, Eunjae! But how can I be calm when he's doing this! I'm melting!!*

“you said ‘when you’re mad at me’ what exactly do you mean you’re mad at me?”

“oh.. that..” you looked down. Myungsoo just hugged you tighter and nuzzled your neck inhaling your scent deeper.

“well, remember when I tried waking you up? And you yelled at me? it Kind’a reminds me of someone from the past.” He didn’t spoke so you just continued.

You told him the story of your bitter, sad and harsh childhood life when you finished telling the story. “I’m sorry” he said still his face was on your neck.

You caressed his head and smiled. “it’s okay I know you didn’t mean it and I already forgave you right?” you chuckled.

“I’m really sorry, from now on I won’t scream at you when you wake me up babe” finally he removed his face from your neck and laid his head on your lap.

“What do you think you’re doing? You’re being touchy this past few days” you glared at him.

“aish, Shut up babe. you actually smell good. Wonder what cologne your using” he smiled and closed his eyes. you turned pink from his remark.

“tch” then you returned your focus on the television. Super Junior was performing.

You were too absorbed on watching that you didn’t know Myungsoo was already asleep on your lap. You looked on his face and noticed how handsome he is, his eyes, perfect nose and pink lips. It made you like him more, but don’t expect him to like you back.

“it’s just 12 days left, Myungsoo.. am I doing the right thing? I’m starting to fall for you and I don’t think I can live another day without your presence” You caressed his face and touched his hair. Soon you too fell to slumber.

In the middle of the night, Myungsoo woke up he noticed that he slept on your lap. He looked at you and saw you sleeping in a tiring position. *her neck must be hurt, Pabo! Why didn’t she wake me up.*

He carried you bridal style and laid you on his bed, he caressed your face and kissed your forehead and went back to sleep.





am i the only one feeling the LOVE here!!! or what?!!! kyaaa! is all i can say. i can't believe i'm getting giddy on my own story. :P

asdfghjklasdfghjklasdfghjkl!!!! i'm crazy!!!



like i said i'm still drafting this stroy, so when all my stocked chapters here are out. i will be slow on updating... yeah... i need to think too! I dont want a writers block all of a sudden so starting tomorrow I'll just update once a day.But i'm not making promises. Hope i can have a lot of IDEAS to come on my soon to be emptied brain :))


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