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Dandelion Florets [oneshot]


Memories are fleeting.


This is my contest entry for the HyukHae community I'm a member of in Livejournal. The competition is over so I can post this somewhere else...I think. ^^;


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yolohyuk #1
Chapter 1: ......am I the only one who think hyukjae faked his amnesia? Since you implied that he asked who was donghae just bcs it was the first question that came to his mind :v maybe a sequel will do, it can clear some questions n_n thanks for sharing~
Chapter 1: Oh, this really need a sequel.... The story is awesome!! It should not end here....
Your_Anonymous #3
Chapter 1: ouch. this.... seriously needs a sequel. </3 i wanna know what will hae do if hyuk finds out about everything and hate Donghae again. i wanna see what will hae do to get hyuk's trust and love again and whatever. aaaghhh SEQUEL PLEASE. I WANT TO SEE HAE WORKING HARD TO GET HYUK AGAAAIN </3
pologirl0611 #4
Chapter 1: Nooooo......so sad, why why why!!!!
JungMaeRi #5
Chapter 1: omo~ is the person at then end... donghae? or what... I NEED A SEQUEL!!!
MiYoung95 #6
Chapter 1: It would be better for Hyukkie to forget, a fresh start, no pain :( oh EunHae~
park_jinchan #7
Chapter 1: wheb hyukkie remembers donghae,, it's going to be a big problem,, but donghae stayed with hin so i guess it's going to be fine,, :D
MintyPetals #8
Chapter 1: This was amazing...:)
mrsqyuchoi #9
Chapter 1: There's always a good thing after the bad one. Yes, I def hope Hyuk won't rem those horrible things before. It will ruin everything.
saymyname #10
Chapter 1: just awesome
I don't know if it's possible only forgetting one person but if this is the way that make Donghae break up the engagement.. Then I think it's good? ><