When Kyungsoo died two years ago, Jongin thought he'd never love again. Enter Taemin, who barges his way into Jongin's life, leaving him conflicted. How does he move on without forgetting Kyungsoo? Or does he push Taemin out, in order to stay in the past, never to let anything change?  


Jongin, I know it's selfish, but please, don't forget me. 



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taeminxbutt 0 points #1
Chapter 24: I hate cliffhanger, and it is kind of one. You know, i almost relieved that finally jongin realized his faults, his mistakes, his ty . The urge to have taemin back, but that thought when he found out taemin with another man really bother me, i hope taemin isn't like that. You know, i've fallen for taemin's character and don't want him to break jongin heart just as he does to him.
Chapter 23: Jfc, what is wrong with Jongin? If he wants to be with Kyungsoo that badly then join him and stop using Taemin as a replacement, and treating him like a hinderance rather than a lover. I'm all for angst but Jongin needs a fork to be shoved up his . Does he think current lovers like hearing about ex-partners and seeing their partners still get affected by them? LOL. He doesn't even know how to communicate. I hope Taemin leaves his ungrateful , and he comes crawling after him and begging for him back once he realises what he lost.
taeminxbutt #3
Chapter 23: Still curious about minho's texts actually. It didn't do any better to their relationship, moreover jongin's past and his guilty towards kyungsoo. Why did he push taemin out and put the blame on him for everything when taemin himself doesn't know anything about his feelings? He should know that taemin also have heart and he can feel hurt even just by seeing his jerk attitude. One day he can get enough of you. Both of them still childish, taemin always concern about jongin but he could control himself, seems like he was egois to own jongin by himself. And jongin more egois than him, cuz he always compare taemin with kyungsoo and he couldn't control his words. He can be so mean to taemin even be so harsh towards him. Like taemin isn't worthy and treat him only as a replacement. I hope taemin leave and made him realize everything his mistakes.
bbh666 #4
Chapter 22: Wow it seems like they need to give each other a bit of space :-( Taemin has good intentions but honestly if Jongin is stuck and not grieving healthily there's not much he can do, and besides that he should worry and take care of himself more, I feel like he's a bit lost...
I'm happy to be commenting again <3 I'm sorry for my absence. You're the best bye <3
Chapter 22: i wish taemin leave jongin so he could feel that taemin is worthy
Chapter 22: Wow I feel like a break up is coming up and tbh I think they both need it. I'm also still curious about why taemin and Minho broke up. I don't remember if we got an explanation and I really want to know. But anyway I hope taekai break up bc their relationship is becoming dysfunctional and jongin really needs help cause boy he is still stuck in the past and he is starting to think taemin is a hindrance rather than a source of comfort or happiness :(
Chapter 22: jongin, thats so mean! tf. i knew ure mostly upset but dont ever think of taem as some replacement to ur loneliness. ure saying u like him but u stil didnt feel happy? how abt taem left u. i wonder just how miserable ur life would be wo him. no. ure not unfaithful but ure one ungrateful brat. if u feel like dying wo kyungsoo. not to be rude. but im honestly asking ths one question. why did u live until now? and giving people ths fake love? dont be selfish and just cont ur life with person u love, now. please. face the reality. this is so annoying. im really pissed at jongin. what a great way to start fight.
Amoon_99 #8
Chapter 20: Nice chapter
caroldanvers #9
Chapter 19: Ow finally Jongin told everything about Ksoo hope that can make him feel better so they can be more "together" haha