When Kyungsoo died two years ago, Jongin thought he'd never love again. Enter Taemin, who barges his way into Jongin's life, leaving him conflicted. How does he move on without forgetting Kyungsoo? Or does he push Taemin out, in order to stay in the past, never to let anything change?  


Jongin, I know it's selfish, but please, don't forget me. 



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bbh666 #1
Chapter 16: god they're so cute, this was cute, I want them to be this happy all the time but yeah things won't be perfect from one day to another ...
I'm happy that u had a great time at the concert, I'm sure the boys were beautiful and entertaining <3 btw sorry for not commenting sooner! Bye bye
bbh666 #2
Chapter 15: OMG, this is short but it was everything I needed today! I'm so happy! I mean, I feel like it's not going to be easy for them, especially for Jongin since he's still learning how to properly grieve but I hope it gets better for him, he deserves love and happiness!!
I hope you had a great time at the concert <3 I wanted to see them too but I didn't have any money left from shinee :( I'm sure I'll be able to see them next time tho hehe :)
As always, thank you <3 bye bye
Chapter 13: finish ready...idk why i found this fic late..^-^ ya know, this has gotten into me since last few chapters.. i like how jongin admitted his feelings at last but whats with his attitude now? he refused to go even when baek literally begging him to come and pick up sick taem? if he think hes being douchebag to kyungsoo..he isnt..cos he did worse to taemin..for god sake, taem took care of him very much, not having single rest when he drunk but he couldnt even stand the cold for taemin? what the hell r u thinking jongin??? i really hope next chapter make up the whole pieces thats left. i hate how jongin hadnt moved on, and kept thinking that he betrayed kyungsoo when he didnt...but why did jongin hav this constant nausea and panicking? is he paranoid or is he worried their relationship didnt progress much... like please author-nim, i need to read one happy chapter...gettin impatient here =))))

take ur time writing, we will be waiting <3
more!! please!
bbh666 #5
Chapter 13: Why is my baby sick :( I think he might be stressed because of everything that's happened between them? Ahh :( I want them to sort things out, and be comfortable with each other ~~ Thank you for your dedication towards this fic I really appreciate it, I feel like a comment is not enough to express my gratitude :( Thank you thank you, bye bye <3
Totyfroty #6
Chapter 11: FINALLY!!
Who's the short guy? Is he jonghyun!! :)
bbh666 #7
Chapter 11: OMG ;; I'm so happy!! At one point I had to stop reading because I was sure Jongin was going to make a fool of himself and come up with a lame excuse but he actually went for it ;; I wonder what Taemin will do next aaaaaaa I can't wait for the next chapter <3
Chapter 10: Yaay a new chapter!!!!!
Finally Jongin is realising that he can't keep living in the past. And Taemin want to start dating again, INTERESTING! ;D
Thanks for finding the time for updating ♡♡♡♡