So Mote It Be!

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Yongsun is a cloistered witch, with a crush. What happens when she gathers the courage to put a love spell on her beloved Moon Byulyi? 


a mess, i wrote this in three days and i gotta say this witch stuff was fun to read about and write. um i'm still working on the final draft so give me like a few hours to post. I'm a bit nervous about this one but everyone loves a good witch au, amiright?

oh this fic was inspired by this pic moonbyul uploaded of solar on fancafe lol




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Kpopfan75 #1
Chapter 1: amazing !!
cjmoo_ #2
Chapter 1: Aww this story is cute! :)
phantomnath #3
Chapter 1: Whoa this witch coven so great:))
Pikkyyul #4
Thank you for writing. I love MooSun
Chapter 1: This was really awesome ;)
I had fun while reading it *u*
Thanks for writing :)
wellyup #6
Chapter 1: I love this ! The way you write is seriously nice ! And I always wanted a magical moonsun story :)
Thatrandomasian #8
i'm excited for it :) Can't wait to see it.