Moon & Sun

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A one shot collection about the moon & the sun

and occasional ahn fatal and wheepup


I am a new moomoo who has decided to do a one shot collection for moonsun. stories can go from any genre minus , i don't do , i'll die before i can write .

p.s i don't update regularly because it usually depends on my mood so sorry in advance

Any one shot/drabble similar to another story is purely coincidental. Please do not plagiarize, thank you.

- peach

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cjmoo_ 22 streak #1
Chapter 9: I saw the title and just went -> :(
This is such a great way of looking at funerals. Very interesting viewpoint.
The part where Wheein says kudos to Hyejin for coming though :'(
Nyleve202 #2
Chapter 9: You're a heart heart heart breakerrr (8) read it with GD song on the background (???

It would be nice to read a cozy Wheesa just to repair the damage (?
Chapter 9: Why you did this? ;-; im crying...
cjmoo_ 22 streak #4
Chapter 8: I like this a lot. Ahahah you just had to include the part about Yongsun's age xD
sosin09 #5
Chapter 8: Is Wheein dead? Or did she maybe become an immortal?
Chapter 8: I wasn't ready for this angst. Wheein is dead isn't she D: Wheesa heart ;~;
cjmoo_ 22 streak 1 points #7
Chapter 8: Wheesa <3
Right from the start, I knew I had to prepare my heart ;_;
My heart stopped at the part where Wheein suddenly disappears out of Hyejin's sight. The part about Hyejin watching the movie made me so sad :/
I adore the last part, about Wheein searching for Hyejin instead of the other way round. My heartttt ;_;
Thanks for this!!
Nyleve202 1 points #8
Chapter 8: This is incredible good. I love Wheesa, and I loved this chapter, thanks for sharing!!
Chapter 7: Ethereal...
Moonsun2122 1 points #10
Chapter 7: wow this is so beautiful yet it is also sad...
what a wonderful story author-nim :)