Moon & Sunrise

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A one shot collection about the moon & the sun

and occasional ahn fatal and wheepup


I am a new moomoo who has decided to do a one shot collection for moonsun. stories can go from any genre minus , i don't do , i'll die before i can make . If you have any moonsun requests feel free to message me :)

p.s i don't update regularly because it usually depends on my mood so sorry in advance

p.p.s i might write wheesa at some point

Please do not plagiarize, thank you.

- peach (@svtsaved)


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Chapter 2: Awnnn
I'm not complaining! Keep doing that! ;)
I'm really into it too
Chapter 1: This was kinda angst ;^; poor yongsun

I really liked.your narrative :)
Moonsun2122 #3
Chapter 2: awwww author-nim its fine who can resist immortals AU :), but i wished it was longer... still beautiful though ^^
Moonsun2122 #4
Chapter 1: okay i've been in love with Goblin for a while, i dunno why but this story is really beautiful and it's reminded me of Goblin, you know the immortal stuffs. It's so sad and beautiful in the same time. I was reading this story while listening to one of the Goblin ost "Beautiful" from Crush, its just matched perfectly.... :'(
can't wait for your next story author-nim....
Chapter 1: Immortal falling in love with a mortal hurts so good ;; I hope there will be a time when Moonbyul remembers Yongsun from her past lives and they will be able to get together... Lovely writing, hope to see more oneshots coming from you :)