Moon & Sunrise

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A one shot collection about the moon & the sun

and occasional ahn fatal and wheepup


I am a new moomoo who has decided to do a one shot collection for moonsun. stories can go from any genre minus , i don't do , i'll die before i can write .

p.s i don't update regularly because it usually depends on my mood so sorry in advance

p.p.s i might write wheesa at some point

Please do not plagiarize, thank you.

- peach // @peachbumxx


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arizanazi97 #1
Chapter 7: It will be nice if byul get superpower like can see yongsun from someone after the accident. Lol. Just imagination. Good story authornim. Keep it up.
akiraCubos #2
Chapter 6: All stories are nice author-nim... Love it
StarShipSailor #3
Chapter 6: *sending motivation because one author note said comments= motivation*
Chapter 6: Oh my gosh, this is so cute XD
Chapter 6: Is there any part 2 on this ? HAHAHAHA
Chapter 6: THIS IS SO CUTE THANKS SO MUCH AUTHOR NIM im looking forward to future fics!!! :))))
Chapter 5: Wow, thank you for this.
linita-chan #8
Chapter 5: Although it was angst, this was really sweet ;A;
linita-chan #9
Chapter 4: hahaha poor Hwasa xD but Wheepup is irresistible
Chapter 5: ;^; argh~ this was angst... but with this end... <3
yongsun is such a nice gf~ >3<

really thanks for updating this *3*