Cherish You

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Before it's too late, he wants to live. 

Before it's too late, he wants a son.

Before it's too late, he wants to fall in love. 

Too many wishes and so little time.



So this is my Hunhan comeback story, it's earlier than planned but I couldn't help it. I might not update frequently because my internship isn't over yet. 

Anyway, enjoy my first of kind fic. 



Some chapters are rated BEWARE of the M rate on each chapter title! 

Mpreg, Tragedy (major character DEATH!)

You have been warned. 



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Congratulations :))))))
Dalilia #2
Chapter 27: Wow ... hum... yeah. This fic has been on my "To read" list for a long time already but I couldn't find the strength to read it. Not with my mental state. But I finally did and I regret nothing. Although Sehun died, this was one of the most satisfying fic I've read. Because you can feel that their love is genuine. I felt so warm reading through the chapters and seeing them falling deeper and deeper in love. Thank you for writing this jewel.
IheartKPopandJPop #3
Chapter 27: Hunhan was one of the most realest ships ever so it shall forever live
Congratulations on getting featured!
chipmae #5
Chapter 26: A mini sehun....omg cld be worse imagine 10 mini jongins running with 25 mini jongdaes or smthing
Congrats on the feature :)
Hey congrats! You totally deserved it ^_^
whiterose12 25 streak #8
Chapter 5: Oh no.. sehun
Pizzalover 14 streak #9
The description got me emo :( Lemme check it out soon. Congrats on the feature!
bittersalt #10
lit ?