My Hometown


In a radio talk show, Wheein admitted that she loved both singing and drawing. She struggled in deciding her career because of this, but decided to pursue in singing and keep drawing as a hobby. But what if it was the other way around?



Ever since I learned that Wheein thought of being an artist for a while, I knew I had to try writing this. It’s my first time doing a multi chaptered fanfic, but I’ll do my best!


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babujjung 0 points #1
Chapter 3: NOOOOOOOO~ why you stop there!!! They met!!! They finally met!!! YAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!

Hmm... judging from the way both felt with each other. I feel like hwasa really wanna see wheein, and still cherish her. While wheein just wanted to forget. I wish they both can be in a good term soon. Or at least, i hope they reveal the reason why they're not on a good term soon!!! I'm dying out of curiousity here.

Thanks for the update. And yes, i noticed you included wheesa real moment in middle school.

P.s. I'm sure myung hee won't mind now if wheein gives her that phone charms :p
Slaymylifeari 0 points #2
Chapter 3: I was like dude dude dude while reading the last paragraph hahahahahahha I want moree ;-;
sosin09 0 points #3
Chapter 3: I also thought how they met was cute... But what happen to wheesa?
Fengxian 0 points #4
Chapter 3: Yes! I loved how you used their real story in the beginning. I mean, it's the stuff of fanfiction in real life lol.

I knew that Wheein's mom sending her to buy groceries would be where she and Hyejin would find each other. The scene with Hyejin's mom and her house was cute and funny. The moment Hyejin ran her hand down the photo of her and Wheein, and she said that was her best friend I felt a knife go through my heart.

Ugh, so many Wheesa feels D: I'm crying ;~;

I know those two girls reminded Wheein of Hyejin and herself. It's obvious why she didn't want to come back. That last scene.... ):
babujjung #5
Chapter 2: LOL RBW is the definition of troll. Why i'm not surprise!
Sooo... i guess wheesa used to be bff, but not anymore? That's why wheein seems reluctant on going back home.

I got to say this, i love myunghee already!!! Hehe~ she's such a fun friends!!! And i would ship her hard with wheein if this wasn't a wheesa story!!! Wheein fails two times now!!! And her reaction is just soooo adorable!!! I can't~ my heart! I would confess to her too if i'm in myung hee's shoes.

Btw, who is myung hee in real life? Is she just a made up character?

Ugh, anyway, i can't wait for wheesa's meeting!!! Please update soon~ i really love this fic :)
sosin09 #6
Chapter 2: Can't wait for wheesa to meet...
Moonsun2122 #7
Chapter 2: I'm confused with Myung-Hee... please don't crush my wheesa ship :( (but we all need drama right? hahahaha)
can't wait to see when wheesa meet again though....
phantomnath #8
Chapter 2: Whoa this is so cool? Wheein seems want to forget Hyejin:( and Hyejin seems still wanna get close again with Wheein:(( great story authorrr
Fengxian #9
Chapter 1: This is a very interesting take on Wheein's decision. I think the main reason for her not wanting to go back home is Hyejin, while Hyejin is going back because of Wheein.

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us with the rest of this story. I'm enjoying it thus far.
VonnieVrosch #10
Chapter 1: Looking forward to this!