My Hometown


In a radio talk show, Wheein admitted that she loved both singing and drawing. She struggled in deciding her career because of this, but decided to pursue in singing and keep drawing as a hobby. But what if it was the other way around?



Ever since I learned that Wheein thought of being an artist for a while, I knew I had to try writing this. It’s my first time doing a multi chaptered fanfic, but I’ll do my best!


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sezcretgroove 0 points #1
Chapter 8: ok so the rift officially started when Hwasa debuted....perhaps regret on wheein's part?
sosin09 0 points #2
Chapter 8: What's the reason for Wheein to stop replying to those messages? They really need to get clear over what's actually going on?
Old_Moomoo 0 points #3
Chapter 8: Wow... they really need to talk it over.. unfinished business but still dragging their hearts...
babujjung 0 points #4
Chapter 8: Exactly, "what?"

WHAT HAPPENED?!? Damn it myunghee. She's the only one who knew this. Well, maybe now hyejin too. But i'm not sure if hyejin listens the whole conversation or just the confession part. I really hope they can fix whatever it is on the next update

Seriously, you're really good at hiding things and keeping us curious~

Lol good to know. Well, i think i'd be totally fine even if you update this during vday ;)
Mary-ah 0 points #5
Chapter 7: Omg I need to know what happened, great job I love this story and wheesa so muchhh
Old_Moomoo #6
Chapter 7: Wow what was that? I mean what made wheein very sad and what did wheesa do that wheein wants to forget? This is getting very interesting....
phantomnath #7
Chapter 7: Nuuuuuu I want to know Wheein's reason too:') I think... It's fair if Myung Hee won this fight? Because, Wheein seems more open up to her. But I also don't want baby Hyejinnie lost to Myung Hee:(( ah I can't choose
babujjung #8
Chapter 7: Just when i thought we're gonna find out what's wheein's reasom, you cut that part T_T
Myunghee is really something. Both myunghee and hwasa are fighting over the same girl. I just wish my wheesa will be more honest towards each other, just like how myunghee is always honest and considerate towards wheein.

Oh! We're close? I hope it's in the next update!!! I'm getting excited to XD
Giv_d_moomoo #9
Chapter 7: My god! This story is driving me crazy from not knowing what happened to wheesa. I feel like everytime there's an update i'm at the edge of my seat hoping to know why they drifted apart. Authornim you're killing me with the suspense. T_T
itsrj90 #10
Chapter 7: so... myunghee!!! share me the reason that told by wheein!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaa