My Hometown


In a radio talk show, Wheein admitted that she loved both singing and drawing. She struggled in deciding her career because of this, but decided to pursue in singing and keep drawing as a hobby. But what if it was the other way around?



Ever since I learned that Wheein thought of being an artist for a while, I knew I had to try writing this. It’s my first time doing a multi chaptered fanfic, but I’ll do my best!


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Chapter 10: This fanfic made me cry legit tears. Author, you did that.

The part about Hyejin's I miss you text killed me, but as if that's not enough, you decided to elaborate it from Wheein's perspective with all the texts before it.
How Hyejin thought she's the one at fault and making them drift apart, and how Wheein just couldn't tell Hyejin how she truly felt because she thought she's being selfish and would hold Hyejin back, I was torn between wanting to scream at the two for being so dumb and to continue weeping for my poor babies.

The ending was just perfect. The Hyejin painting, needy Wheein, and yes, of course, one would not be sent to the emergency room for kissing ;)

Thank you so much for writing and sharing this. I love it.
babujjung #2
Chapter 10: Beautiful~<3
A master piece. This would be my fav wheesa story now!!! Such a well written story.
yongdonnie #3
Chapter 10: i have tears in my eyes. legit. tears. i love this so much. <3 thank you so much for this wonderful story!

i cant believe i cried over a fanfiction... really...
phantomnath #4
Chapter 10: I feel bad for Myung Hee but I'm glad they're happy:') I hope you'll find your own happiness, Myung Hee!
LetMeLive #5
Chapter 10: Aww what a nice way to end it. I'm gonna miss this fic so much... Hope you make more wheesa fic! Thank you so much for this! Really well written :)
lala_mcshipper #6
That was so cute! I loved every second of it. <3 Great job! And thank you for for writing such a beautiful story. :)
esined-rm #7
Chapter 10: Binge read all 10 chapters in an hour. Loved it. Now I'm gonna regret sleeping late but it's worth it! Any chance for a follow up say a few years down the line when wheein graduates from art sch?
Old_Moomoo #8
Chapter 10: wow awesome ending! so warm and soft, wheesa! they way wheein asks for kisses is adorable. thanks for the story authornim! this was good!
Chapter 10: Awnnn
can't believe it was the end ;~;
the best wheesa fic I've read until now ♡♡♡

It was a sweet fic
ill miss this ;^; please, make more MoonSun/wheesa fics ♡♡ I'll be waiting for it~~~ *3*

Congrats for this.. Really!

It was an amazing "ride" to follow this one ♡

This end was soooo *0* whee is such a kissing machine ahahaha

If u have the inspiration, please make a little epilogue with a timeskip.. Like how they manage to stay together after this and maybe having a date~~ ♡

Thanks a lot *3*
hope to see u soon with more fics of MMM
Giv_d_moomoo #10
Chapter 10: thank you for this amazing fic authornim! you've worked hard. I'll be looking forward to your future works! :-)