Storm in the Summer

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Tao thought that Kris was a summer rain that would only get him wet, but the elder turned out to be a storm that swept him away.

Summer when Tao was sixteen, Kris taught him about love and heartbreak.

Summer when Tao is twenty-one, the storm hits once again.


Story and graphics by me


Tao thought that Kris was a summer rain. He started off small, just little drizzle from the sky that cooled the weather. Kris was just a quick rain shower and Tao didn’t even need an umbrella to handle it. 

But he didn’t realize that Kris was growing bigger into a storm. When storm warnings were issued, people would shut their houses and bar their windows, locking themselves inside strong, barred shutters. But Tao was foolish. He thought that he could handle the storm, he thought that the looming clouds, the crackle of electricity, and the downpour from the sky won’t hurt him. He thought that Kris would never hurt him because the elder still reminded him of a summer rain, soft and gentle. 

When the storm touched down, it was wild and breathless. Tao was swept away but he didn’t mind it, in fact, he enjoyed it so much, it made him feel like flying. Kris was amazing and Tao was so thrilled. His heart was pounding, his cheeks were hot and butterflies were fluttering in his stomach whenever the elder was around. Kris was the color in his dull life, the storm in his boring clear days. 

But foolish Tao, he didn’t know that once the storm is over, there will be nothing but the wreckage left behind and the shattered pieces of his broken heart. He didn’t think that he’d end up crying his heart out once it's over. 

It’s not Kris’ fault. He can’t blame the elder. Kris is simply a storm and Tao was too foolish to think that he's strong enough to face it. Now though, he can only sob helplessly as Kris’ car drives away from his sight. 

Summer of his sixteenth year, Tao begins to understand why storms are named after people. 



Please Read: A friend told me that this story is a bit similar with a Japanese BL manga. I just want to say that I've never read that manga before and every similar point in this story is simply coincidence. I read that manga myself (after I was being told about it) and I have to admit that there are some similar points, but I can guarantee you that there is a difference from the characters and flow and interaction. If you happen to know the manga, please keep this note in mind before jumping into conclusion. Thank you very much! :')  

Pairing: Kris and Tao 

Tags: Romance, Drama, Slice of life, Slight-angst, Unrequited love, A little touch of

Length: 19 chapters

• Featuring Tao the fluffy bulb and Kris the giant teddy bear 
• This fic is basically drama in jumble of letters oh and a pinch of angst too with happy ending
• English is not my main language, beware of grammatical errors
• Please do not tell me to update soon or demand anything (asking nicely
 is okay, demanding is not)


I am not going to work on this yet, but I've had the plot in my mind I'm just teasing you a lil bit so don't expect this to be updated soon when I still have couples of ongoing stories :')))
I will work on this once one of my current stories is completed (which supposed to be on March/April if everything goes well) until then, enjoy this poster that I made, look there's a gif in it!!!!
This one is another lovely roller coaster so I hope you're ready for the ride akjsdhgf
Thank you for clicking and I hope you'll enjoy the story!


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cake10 0 points #1
Chapter 17: Finally.....thank you,,,,
16 streak 0 points #2
Chapter 17: finally they are together!
kris took the 'i hate u' quite literally, Lol he was even bowing and apologizing. their parents are friends! also tao will be living with kris! this update had so many good surprises. also tao is pretty lucky to have come out with minor injuries. kris should discipline him not to use mobile while driving
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Chapter 17: ((sobs finally???
Tao really scared me i thought he was gonna topple off the bed *clutches heart*
Anyway, my heart is at ease now xD and it's nice to see their parents already acquainted with each other
This story is really beautiful;;;;;; thank you author-nim
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Chapter 17: Kris needs to work overtime lol
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Chapter 17: This update made my day *--*
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Chapter 17: This made my day on so many levels!!! Thank you so much for updating!! I love youuuu!!!
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Chapter 17: thank god taozi is fine AND FINALLY kris realized that he wasnt the only one wrong back when tao was 16
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Chapter 17: Finally! These two! Expecting fluffy fluffy sweet moments in the remaining chapters. Thanks for the update :)