New Year,New Tradition

New Year,New Tradition

Side Pairings:Slight!2HJ,Slight!YunJae,Slight!YooSu

"Oh come don't really want to stay here in your apartment all night long and on your own while

everyone else is partying,do you?" Hyun Joong asked as he hopped onto the couch to sit next to Seunghyun.

"Well actually that was exactly what I was planning to do." Seunghyun replied with a sigh and made Hyun Joong

roll his eyes at him."Gosh when have you turned into this boring something?" "I guess it was the moment

my boyfriend Jiyong broke up with me 3 months ago." Seunghyun uttered and caused Hyun Joong to sigh.

" you said was 3 months ago...3 ing long months ago and now you should really start to get

over him." Hyun Joong muttered in earnest.Seunghyun lowered his head a little."I tried,Hyun Joong...but I can't."

"Nonsense,of course you can!You just need to get your lazy bum up and come with me and you'll see that a

new year's eve miracle will happen and you're going to see that your life without Jiyong really isn't that bad."

Seunghyun chuckled at his friend's words."Since when have you become such an optimist?" "Hmm well being

together with the King of optimism Kim Hyung Joon rubs off it seems." Hyun Joong replied and made

Seunghyun smile." seems like it.But that's actually pretty good." Seunghyun mumbled and Hyun Joong

nodded in response before getting up."So are you coming with me or what?" "Well..." "Come on...Jaejoong,

Yoochun and me will be able to cheer you up again within a second!" Hyun Joong said as he was smiling at
him brightly."Alright." Seunghyun then finally agreed and got up to get himself ready for the party.

~Yunho's and Jaejoong's apartment,40 minutes later~

"Seunghyun you bastard,you haven't contacted me for quite a while!" Jaejoong greeted Seunhyun with a

laughter,causing Seunghyun and Hyun Joong to laugh as well."Don't talk nonsense,the last time we talked was

barely 1 week ago." "Still a long time." Jaejoong argued back as he pulled his two friends in for a hug."Hyung...are

you already drunk,you boozehound?" Hyun Joong asked and caused Jaejoong to roll his eyes at him as he closed

the front door again after letting the two new arriven guests in."No,I'm just in a really good mood,babo."

"As rude as ever,my dear best friends." Yoochun said as he approached Jaejoong,Seunghyun and Hyun Joong.

"Heeey!" Hyun Joong and Seunghyun greeted Yoochun before hugging him tightly.After pulling back,Seunghyun

looked at his three laughing best friends with a smile on his lips.Hyun Joong had been right.They really had

managed it to cheer him up within a second.Whenever Seunghyun was alone,he would have to think

of Jiyong everytime and his heart always ached.But when he was with his friends...they were able to take the

pain away from him and he was thankful for that.Jaejoong,Hyun Joong,Yoochun and him have been best friends

since kindergarten and were therefore real close...just like brothers.

"Jae...don't just stand there in the hallway...the party is over here." Yunho called out with a smile and waved at

the new arriven guests."On our way,Yunnie." Jaejoong replied and walked into the living room with the three

other males.Once they arrived there,they were greeted by loud music and many dancing people.Hyun Joong,

Jaejoong and Yoochun then each waved their boyfriends over,who were greeting Seunghyun and Hyun Joong

brightly."See?It was a good decision to come here!" Hyun Joong half yelled to be slightly louder than the music

so Seunghyun would hear him.Seunghyun simply nodded,still not quite convinced that it was really such a good

idea to come here...where several happy couples were surrounding him.But he knew that his friends would never

let him feel left out,even with their boyfriends beside them."Shall I fetch something to drink for you?" Junsu

offered to Hyun Joong and Seunghyun as they were the only ones who didn't have anything to drink yet."No

babe...I'll do it." Yoochun said and gave Junsu a peck before he gave Junsu his drink to hold,walking away to get

drinks for Seunghyun and Hyun Joong afterwards."He's such a gentleman around you." Seunghyun said with

a grin."So apart of that he isn't?" Junsu asked with a chuckle."Not at all." Seunghyun,Jaejoong and Hyun Joong

replied at the same time and laughed afterwards,causing Yunho,Hyung Joon and Junsu to laugh as well."Hey...

were you talking about me?" Yoochun asked as he was back with two drinks for his friends."Nope." His best

friends answered as Hyun Joong and Seunghyun took their drinks away from him.Yoochun just raised an

eyebrow at them before looking at his boyfriend,who was just smiling sweetly at him."We weren't." Junsu

said to reassure him and Yoochun smiled gently before pecking the shorter male's sweet lips."Okay." He

always believed Junsu everything.And he always did everything his boyfriend wanted him to.

Now that he got to think about it...all of his best friends were really obedient when it came to their

boyfriends.There was really nothing they wouldn't do for Yunho,Hyung Joon and Junsu.

But then again...there was also nothing Yunho,Hyung Joon and Junsu wouldn't do for his best friends.

Suddenly,his stomach started to grumble and caused the others around him to laugh a little."Hey...that idiot

over there dragged me there without letting me have dinner first...can't blame me for being hungry." Seunghyun

uttered and made Hyun Joong stick his tongue out at him with a bored expression on his face."Over there

is some finger food...if you want more,I could go and make something for you." "No it's okay Jae...I'll make

myself something,you should stay here and enjoy your own party." "Are you sure?" Jaejoong asked and

Seunghyun nodded in response,smiling reassuringly at his best friend."He's probably just afraid that you're

going to set his kitchen on fire." Yoochun teased."I'm not!" Jaejoong protested at first but then paused a bit.

"Or maybe just a little." He then said and caused the others to laugh."Yah...!" Seunghyun uttered and punched

Jaejoong's arm a little before walking into the kitchen with a smile.When he arrived there,he was rather surprised

to see that someone else was in there already,looking out of the window with a drink in his hand.Seunghyun

cleared his throat a little to make sure that the other male would notice him...and he did.He turned around in

surprise before smiling gently at Seunghyun."Oh...hello." "Hey." Seunghyun greeted back and then stepped

further into the kitchen,placing the glass of punch onto the kitchen counter properly before he walked to the

fridge to take some eggs out of it,taking out a pan from one of the cupboards afterwards.

"Uhm...I was intending on frying myself some you want some?" Seunghyun spoke and bit onto his

bottom lip afterwards.This whole situation was just ridiculous.He was about to fry himself eggs on a party where

everyone else beside him and the stranger was busy dancing and now he was even offering to fry some eggs

for the stranger.The other boy laughed lightly."No...but thanks for the offer." He said and Seunghyun scratched

his head in slight embarrassment."I'm Lee Seunghyun,by the way." The boy then introduced himself with a gentle

smile and made Seunghyun's eyes go wide."S-Seunghyun?" "Yeah...why?Is my name that horrible?" "N-no...

it's name is Seunhyun as well...Choi Seunghyun." "" The boy standing near the window

said,visibly impressed."Well in that case...just call me Seungri...nearly everyone calls me that." Seungri

said and made Seunghyun smile."Seungri?Why are you being called Seungri?" "Well...when I was in

high school...I used to be in a dance group and my 'stage name' there was Seungri and since then...the name

got stuck to me." Seungri explained with a chuckle."It suits you though." Seunghyun mumbled and earned

another adorable smile from the other."So..." Seunghyun started as he turned on the stove after pouring some

oil into the pan."...are you working as a dancer?" "Yeah...well I'm working as a choreographer in

YG Entertainment." "Wow...that's really impressive." Seunghyun said honestly while he was busy frying the

first egg."Thank you...but it's not that much of a big deal,really.What is your job?" Seungri asked and stepped

closer to stand next to Seunghyun,staring at the frying egg."I'm a lawyer." "A lawyer?" Seungri blurted out in

surprise and used his hands to cover his mouth afterwards."I'm sorry." Seungri then said apologetically,but

Seunghyun just chuckled."It's one ever believes me when I tell them that I'm a lawyer...I really don't

look nor behave like one." Seunghyun said and put the egg onto a plate he had managed to get out of a

cupboard seconds ago before starting to fry the second egg."But come to think of does suit you in a

way though." Seungri said and placed his glass of punch onto the kitchen counter."How so?" Seunghyun asked

in mild surprise,looking right into Seungri's big,brown,sparkling eyes."Well you seem so calm and fierce...just

like the stereotype lawyer." "Is that so?" Seunghyun asked with a smile as he was busy taking care of the

egg."Pretty much,yes.But that's nothing negative though.It's quite...attractive." Seungri whispered the last word

shyly while lowering his head,but Seunghyun heard it anyway."Thank you." Seunghyun muttered with a slightly

teasing grin,making Seungri blush even harder."Are you sure that you don't want me to fry some eggs for you

too?" Seunghyun asked as he put the second egg onto the plate,about to turn the stove off."I'm not hungry,thank

you.But I could stay here and talk to you a little while you are eating though...if you don't mind." Seungri

responded and caused Seunghyun to chuckle."Not at all.I would be glad if you would stay." The taller guy said

as he was scooping some rice into a bowl before he put the bowl of rice and the plate of eggs as well as a pair

of chopsticks onto the small dining table in the kitchen,sitting down afterwards.Seungri moved to sit down across

from him,smiling gently at Seunghyun."You are probably a really close friend of Jaejoong hyung and

Yunho hyung?" Seungri asked."What makes you think so?" Seunghyun asked back with a smile."I don't think

that someone who isn't really close to them would dare making themselves something to eat so casually in

someone else's kitchen." Seungri responded and made Seunghyun laugh a little."Oh...yeah.Well Jaejoong and

me are best friends since kindergarten...along with Yoochun and Hyun Joong." "Ohhhh." Seungri said and

sounded real adorable while doing so.Seunghyun felt so much at ease around Seungri although he got to

meet him just a few minutes ago.And the longer he spent time with him,the more attractive Seungri seemed to

him.His shining eyes...his bright smile...he was gorgeous,Seunghyun had to admit.And suddenly...Jiyong was

completely forgotten."Hey Seunghyun you bas-oh hey Seungri." Jaejoong spoke and waved at the younger male

gleefully."Hello Jaejoong hyung." "You were about to call me bastard but stopped so he wouldn't think bad of

you,huh you hypocrite?" Seunghyun asked and caused Jaejoong to glare at him playfully." guys

should year is nearing!" Jaejoong said and made Seunghyun groan as he got up and walked out

of the kitchen with Seungri following him.They then walked into the living room with Jaejoong and saw that

the others have already stopped dancing.They were all holding a drink and stared at the TV in which some

stars were starting with the countdown.Hyun Joong quickly gave Seungri and Seunghyun a drink as well.

"Okay everyone...together!" Jaejoong announced aloud."10...9..." Unlike the others in the room,Seunghyun

wasn't counting,he was too busy staring at Seungri,who was looking back at him with a shy smile as he was

counting along with the others."...8...7...6..." Seunghyun stepped closer to Seungri and smiled at him,not saying

anything at all.Seungri didn't seem to mind the closeness though.He rather seemed to enjoy it."...5...4...3..."

So many other people were counting,but Seunghyun seemed to hear Seungri's voice only."...2...1...HAPPY

NEW YEAR!" Everyone was screaming,rising their glasses before taking a sip from their drinks.Seunghyun

and Seungri looked at each other,smiling like no one else was around.They then raised their glasses at each

other,taking a sip from their drinks too afterwards.But while doing so,their eyes never left the other's."Happy

new year." Seunghyun then said and made Seungri smile before the shorter boy tiptoed to peck Seunghyun's

lips gently."Happy new year." Seungri replied with a shy smile."What have I done to deserve the kiss?"

Seunghyun asked with a slightly teasing smirk."It's a new year's eve tradition to kiss each wish

each other luck." Seungri lied."Oh really?Never heard of that tradition before." Seunghyun answered,wanting

to tease Seungri some more to be able to see that adorable blush of his a little longer."It's a new tradition."

Seungri then said innocently before he had to laugh a little."I could grow to like that tradition." Seunghyun then

spoke gently."Me too." Seungri responded in a mere whisper.

At another corner of the room,Seunghyun's best friends and their boyfriends were watching the two and had

a big grin plastered on their faces.


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