Park Jinyoung's 2017


Park Jinyoung's New Year's Resolutions:

-Write in a diary every day. 

-Learn to dance. 

-Learn to cook more than just instant ramyeon. 

-Be happy as much as possible.



Hello, welcome to the 2017 Diary of Park Jinyoung!

Expect daily updates on the life of Jinyoung as he goes through his year at high school!


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Ohtheluhan #1
Chapter 70: Awww this so adorable! Jinyoung has officially begun his life with a great family!!!
samasbananas #2
Chapter 70: Jinyounggggg is so cute~ I want a friend like Jaebum
Giggin_22 #3
Chapter 63: Chapter 63: I'm curious of youngjae and yugeom. Sneekpeeks into their lives would be interesting
samasbananas #4
Chapter 67: I wonder who's gonna sleep in his bed *wink* *wink* YOUNGJAE
I love the sassy Youngjae tho. I'm definitely going to steal 'antisocial spoon'~
samasbananas #5
Chapter 66: Ahh shiiit, here comes to the Markjin B)
Exquisitely #6
Great Looking Plot~
Kyaheartsyou #7
Chapter 63: Maybe more dialogue with Yugyeom and Youngjae and Jaebum. I know it's hard to remember what your friends are saying verbatim and to write those down, but I feel that these chapters/journal entries need some dialogue.
Kyaheartsyou #8
Chapter 48: Granted, I came here for the markjin tag, but I'd rather jj project
anyerysunrise #9
Chapter 48: Oo so adorable...i love your story