Park Jinyoung's 2017


Name: Park Jinyoung

Age: 17

Birthday: 22nd September

Occupation: Student (High School)


Hello, welcome to the 2017 Diary of Park Jinyoung!

Expect daily updates on the life of Jinyoung as he goes through his year at high school!


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Kyaheartsyou #1
Chapter 48: Granted, I came here for the markjin tag, but I'd rather jj project
anyerysunrise #2
Chapter 48: Oo so adorable...i love your story
yEsuiUnNie #3
Chapter 43: awwww this issss sooo ambarassingg >< why jaebum read nyongue diaryyyy ㅠ ㅠ
Kyaheartsyou #4
Chapter 43: I thought something happened to him, and the fool left it at JB's house.
yEsuiUnNie #5
Chapter 41: I think this diary make me read more this than writing my actual diary ...You make me go crazu waiting for this ... And seeing the blank space make me laugh thinking the possible situation that happen to Jinyoung and his life ...
Kyaheartsyou #6
Chapter 38: I've got a blank space baby, and I still won't write anything~ Lol
samasbananas #7
Chapter 38: This might be my favourite chapter :')
kpopislife88 #8
Chapter 32: Wow, thanks for the extra long chapter! It was great to see more detail in his interactions with people! And omg he is becoming a part of Jaebum's family now! I love it. :)
kpopislife88 #9
Chapter 23: Awh poor Yugyeom, what's wrong with him? Haha, sorry I comment a lot on this story, but it's because I really like it! :)
kpopislife88 #10
Chapter 21: Wow, Jinyoung forgot to write on the he was with Jaebum again? Very suspicious... I'm still loving this story author-nim, keep it up ;)