Park Jinyoung's 2017


Name: Park Jinyoung

Age: 17

Birthday: 22nd September

Occupation: Student (High School)


Hello, welcome to the 2017 Diary of Park Jinyoung!

Expect daily updates on the life of Jinyoung as he goes through his year at high school!


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kpopislife88 0 points #1
Chapter 23: Awh poor Yugyeom, what's wrong with him? Haha, sorry I comment a lot on this story, but it's because I really like it! :)
kpopislife88 #2
Chapter 21: Wow, Jinyoung forgot to write on the he was with Jaebum again? Very suspicious... I'm still loving this story author-nim, keep it up ;)
Chapter 20: this is such an original concept! Im impressed really. everything is more of the same and you did something really cool. I liked it!
kpopislife88 #4
Chapter 15: Omg I want all that food! I'm going to make cool ramyeon now... thanks authornim for continuing to write regularly! I know it is hard but it is greatly appreciated :)
chenbaek461 #5
Chapter 11: aaHhh bcs of that!! thought there's a pic on that day and my internet being slow not showing it lol okay then :""")
secretglow #6
Chapter 11: LMAOOO ita empty? lol its funny it looks like jinyoung forgot to write diary theday he met jaebum, aahhh so curious how their day together ><
btw i love this kind of concept, its new, and interesting, good job author-nim! :)
anyerysunrise #7
Very funny new story. ^^
kpopislife88 #8
Chapter 8: Thanks for the bonus, haha, it was great! :)
janghorvejkul #9
Chapter 5: can't wait jinyoung to meet jaebum ^^
kpopislife88 #10
Chapter 4: So far, I'm enjoying these small glimpses into Jinyoung's high school life! I can't wait for the continual daily updates!