Being Watched


Being a secret agent is not all fun and games. Yeah, there's action and you unlock doors with your fingerprint, but what about when you're collecting data and fighting against some of the biggest competitors? Zhade fashion mall is the biggest mall of the country owned by Kwon Jiyong, the creator of the Zhade fashion line, but to Jay Park and Bora, he's the CEO of Electric, an enormous secret agency organization. Jay and Bora are 'the' pair. They are the only ones who have completed 1,000 missions and have Jiyong's complete trust. They are the leaders of the other agents There isn't a mission that that they can't handle. Or is there? 


What happens when they start receiving strange messages and they have done everything in their power to find the culprit, but nothing works? The culprit is always one step ahead. It's like they're being...watched. Will they be successful in this mission and how will they react when they find out it's linked to Bora's past?



--Where it all started--

Jay Park

I was walking through the woods just thinking. My life has changed so much. I went from having to go to school and covering up all my bruises which didn't help because I got new ones from the bullies there, to being a secret agent who learned self defense and didn't have another thing in the world to worry about.

And then I saw her. She picked up her bow and arrow and stood about six feet away from the target. She took her time. There was complete silence. All you could hear was the wind singing and the leaves rustling. I walked closer towards her. She stood there. She didn't move for about five minutes.

Suddenly she let go of the string and the arrow came towards my face. I stopped it, of course. Being a spy causes you to be more aware of your surroundings.

"Stalking me, I see," she said, turning around.

She was beautiful.

I walked closer to her. "I-I was just walking a-and happened to see you and-"

She started chuckling.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

She shook her head. "People don't examine others for that long, unless they find something interesting about that person." I frowned.

"Okay, I found your archery skills pretty interesting." She shook her head giggling.

"No, you didn't. We all know you find something else a lot more interesting." she said, walking around me. I didn't know if she was being suspenseful or seductive, but I liked it.

"You're right. I do. But I can't tell you here," I said softly.

She smirked. "Then take me where you can." 


"Why are we at the Zhade fashion mall?" I snickered.

"Why did you agree to come here with a complete stranger?" she scoffed.

"We're not complete strangers...I know your name." We walked through Jiyong's mall office which led to his real office. "Now. Once you walk in here it's going to be pretty hectic." She looked at me suspiciously.

"Just trust me."

It was her turn to smirk. "I already do." I opened the door and her face morphed into an expression of surprise. There were people fighting, some doing aerobatics, women walking in heels across the room, and a front desk.

"Jay! What can I do for you man? Ooh, who's the pretty lady?" Kris asked.

"Kris my main man! This is Bora. I met her in the woods about a hour ago and thought that Jiyong should see her."

Kris smirked. "Go right in." I turned to Bora and motioned for her to follow me. "Welcome...Bora." Kris said, smirking at her. She smiled shyly. We were here.

"This is it." I turned the handle. There he sat with his legs propped on his desk and his dark shades on. "Jiyong. There's someone I would like you to meet," I said nervously. Wait, why was I nervous?

Jiyong took off his shades and examined Bora. "Why should I accept her?"

"Sir, Jiyong, is that right?" Jiyong nodded.

"Why am I here?" Bora asked.

"I'm sure you don't know what you're doing here or why you're here, Bora, but Jay sees something in you and thinks you should work for me." He stood up and gave her a folder.

"Solve this mystery by tomorrow and we'll talk more. We can't let you back outside so you'll be staying with Jay tonight." He dismissed us. 

"Jay! What is all of this...all of that about?!" she yelled as we walked to my room.

"Bora, I'm a spy, or secret agent, and I would love for you to join me." I said, smiling.

She looked at me, dumbfounded. "Are you crazy! I can't be a secret agent. I'm out of here," she said, trying to leave. I put my arm up which came pretty close to her chest.

"You can't. You can leave tomorrow. Just try it. You said it yourself I found something interesting in you and that's why we're here," I explained.

She rolled her eyes and sighed.

"I'm going to bed. You can either have the floor, the edge of the bed, or whatever. Just make yourself comfortable," I said, going to my bed. "Oh, and don't even think about leaving...because I'll track you down myself." And with that, I went to bed.

But I didn't know that Bora stayed up all night to solve the mystery.


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DalHeera #1
Chapter 3: Wow mysteries after mysteries hahaha I'm a bit confused though, but I think I'm getting a hang of it~ can't wait to read the next chapter, author-nim!
pinmook_gzb #2
Chapter 2: I like how the story goes but could you arrange the conversation to make it easier to read? It'll be so much better^-^