Paper Thin

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They are a bunch of mysterious, high school boys. They have a secret; and it's as thin as a paper.

She’s a teenage, hopeless girl – or so they think – she has a secret; and it's as thick as a science book.

They’ve never met before, but through someone important to the both of them; they're bound to meet and clash.




I’ve always wondered why I, as a person; had never been into popular, teenage stories, where the cute girl gets all the attention, and the popular boys turns out to be perfect in all aspects. I’ve always wondered how so many people were into them, and how so many young girls adored the concept of having Prince Charming and fairy godmothers. I realized maybe it was because they feel like they can relate to the main characters, while I always waited for the the side characters to have their time to shine.

If this was a story, I would say I’m one of the characters most readers neglect. If this was a story, and there was a main protagonist; I would be the protagonist’s best friend. If this was a story as cliché as popular, bullying females, I would be one of the bystanders. If this was a story about romance, I would be the wallflower and the last choice, and if this was an abuse story, I would be the younger sister, who’s watching from the sidelines.

This was no story; this was my life, and yet; it reminded me of one. Thankfully, I was no main character.




Warning: All characters are real, and all of them are main. The EXO boys are no Prince Charming with perfect personalities, but helpless boys with tough exterior. If you were looking for a cute, fluffy story; this is not one.
Ratings: this story is PG-13 for upcoming gory scenes. Rated R for intense, explicit themes and vulgar speech . If there are some ual chapters; they will be marked precisely even if the theme isn't heavy.
Additional tags: Child-favoritism, angsty, A little of fluff, and complex characters (?)


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Adverse_Maeth #1
Chapter 42: I’m starting to feel more curious about Suho, it’s always pictured as an , but, I mean, he must has his own reasons???? HOWEVER Kyungsoo was literally too much for my poor heart, this chapter was so good! I kind of wished for Kai to get mad in a childish way at Lina because she won, but Kyungsoo seriously, I wasn’t expecting that, I really really reaaaally liked it
Chapter 42: Asdfghjkl I know I shouldn’t be wavering this easily towards the boys but I can’t help it, I’m too soft towards Exo. I’m even starting to feel soft towards Suho. I know he’s an and all right now but he has a story to tell too. And I’m dying to know the reason behind his actions, I feel it coming up soon, maybe, lol. Also looking forward to some more scenes from Kai and maybe Lay. And actually just more scenes from this story in general, because I love it that much<3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hard work :). Very much appreciate it!! Until the next time ^^.
Macire #3
Chapter 42: Oh my I can't wait! I have reread this story again and it just keeps getting better!!
Chapter 42: What happened to suho :<<<<<
noodlesareprettynice #5
Chapter 42: im so soft for this story. much love, thank you for writing<3
2 points #7
I get so excited whenever I see that you updated I rlly rlly love this fic <3
Chapter 42: Hi! New reader here. Firstly, i really like your story! I can’t wait for your next update!. Second, I’M SO FRUSTATED!! Why lina is such a hard person??? Ughh! But still, i love it when lina say good things to the boy <3
98 streak #9
Chapter 42: I am always so happy to see this story. Thank you for the update.
Jenduekie #10
Chapter 42: Waiting for some action heheh