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A Jensoo oneshot collection cause I'm Jensoo deprived.

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Jisoo has a secret that she kept from Jennie.

2.Calm down

Jisoo is 8 months pregnant and Jennie couldn't help  but worry.

3.Precious twins

Kim Jiwon,Kim Jiyeon.Jennie and Jisoo's precious babies.

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Chapter 8: Lmao jendeuk fear the couch more
SHINee_GGeneration #2
Chapter 7: Its ok to rant here, i think you should make the right decision on your own and can try to let your parents know how tough it is for you but never ever get influence by what others thinks its best for you.
Chapter 7: Do what is best for you, not for others. People are always going to talk and the family is the first to judge us, but they are there when you need them. If you need time take it, if you have to get angry, get angry, if you have to smile, smile, if you have to cry, cry, never give up there is time for everything, and take your time, let the situation calm down, talk with your parents, find a new job something more relax with no so many hours, rest well.
Chapter 7: Let this situation calm down for a while then you talk to ur parents explain to them bout your decission. And i wish that your parents respect your decission and let you live your life happily with your own.
If you need someone to talk to, i wouldnt mind to be your human diary xD
Fighting and God Bless you auth.
jensooblph #5
Chapter 7: you did nothing wrong. Let your parents emotion pass by & talk to them how you feel (if you want to). The world is not blaming you, sweetie. You can do it. You can quit your job because your unhappy, then be it. Rest but dont give up okay? we appreciate you (we, readers). Fighting :D
dotatwice #6
Chapter 7: That's okay you can rant as much as you want..stay strong and hope you find a good job
09983820298 142 streak #7
Chapter 6: They are sooo cute especially the twins!!!
Chapter 6: The cutest
Chapter 6: The Kims never dissapoint me.
Chapter 6: Dawww kim household is the cutest thing ever xD i cant with them omg aowpcjspcjao