area one; -apply open-



Area one;

all hail britannia!

"you can't change the world without getting your hands dirty"

After the fall of the 100th empress of Britannia, a empreor has taken the throne & shook the regained peace that the one before him fixed after the world was spun into chaos years prior - he invaded what would be present day north & south korea reclaiming it in the name of britannia.

he has renamed the country - area one.

it has been three years of the 'hanas' living under britannia rule. now the people of area one are rebeling and there is a new 'zero' declaring war on britannia to take his homeland back and change the world back to what it was before.

The royal army of britannia is verusing a new zero army called 'cheonsa knights' lead by a name all too famillar to the world.

"those who kill should be prepared to be killed"



i command you

1. Subcribing is a must, upvote is your choice!
2. No bashing, lets be civilized.
3. Please, don't copy others apps.
4. Chosen characters must comment every other chapter or i'll simply kll off your character. it isn't hard in this world.
5. there will be 19 characters chossen - 10 males & 9 females - i took a plot line in the Cheonsa knights. 
6. There will be two sets of plotlines - 10 for the Royal Army of Britannia & 10 for the Cheonsa Knights
(so i would wait until both sets are up to pick your plot you'll apply for.)
7. applicantxapplicant love interest.
8, basically, everything will be explained in the cheatsheet - so read it. you don't have to have watched the anime at all to understand this story.
9. Have fun! This is why I make stories. 


✩ AUTHOR'S NOTES:   so.... here i am again. this story is going to be very special to me since this is a bigger scale compared to my "Black Paradise" story which is very simillar to the layout of how I will write this story.
Plus code geass was my very first anime - in which is getting a third season after almost eight years.
so bare with me.
(both quotes used belong to the writers of the anime, just saying.)

✩ TITLE: area one
✩ AUTHOR: twilla
✩ GENRES: drama, action, au, etc
✩ INSPIRATION: code geass, basically.



areaone; please read new update on updates page!

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Chapter 4: Thanks for accepting luna. Yes. Yes. You can change the scheme.. And I also like the knighmare uniform. Lol. Takes me long time to decide that. Oh really? You like her? I never know. I'm searching for someone cold with the sadness look. Since she the only one from Japan.
As for friend..she basically be friend everyone except zero. But not that much to mention. Or close enough to state.
31 streak #2
Chapter 4: Aww yay!! You got two characters!!! Hope more flow in!! ^^
I wonder. The setting for this story, as i think it's after Japan manage to get independent from Britannia. How long after that it is actually?
Chapter 4: Yay thanks for the review! Hope you get more applicants soon!
31 streak #5
Chapter 10: I honestly don't know how you Jeep up with so many characters as well as with so many stories. It's crazy. Lol
Chapter 2: Alright hopefully I'll have time tonight or tomorrow night to work on the application(s) but when/if I get the time I am definitely thinking of applying for The Lancelot position and The Guren position
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Chapter 12: now with taht systm implented i'm sure you'll get apps soon enough!! good luck!!
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Chapter 5: sorry for the lack of interest on my part!
but i hope you do get applicants for this story!! =]
violet321 #9
Interesting ^^
31 streak #10
i have to admit.
it's interesting, but i'm losing interest?
is that a bad thing? ^^"