Protect me Not

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She was in danger. People were looking for her. She was the key to everything, and she didn’t even know it.They are part of a hidden force in the Army, and their duty will be to protect her from the people who want her body. Their plan? Do whatever it takes to succeed. MarkxOc feat Badass!GOT7



Choi Maeri is a university student. Her life is plain, but everything turns upside down when a group of 7 boys from a Secret Force Army are given the mission to protect her from a criminal organization which intentions are no good.

AU! Multichaptered fanfiction

Mark x Original Character and Got7 as a group or badass soldiers.




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SailAwayWithMe 0 points #1
Chapter 27: I'm Yugyeom dying in the corner xD always
laroka0104 0 points #2
Chapter 27: Oh my God.. I feel for Mark :/
Alice seems to be cool... ?! But I dont know, I still dont fully trust her yet .. -.-
Thank you for this chapter, I was really curious about Mark's past. <3
NoraMyFics 0 points #3
Chapter 27: woah,, i have nothing to say!! JAMS!!!!...Markieee Pooorrr
0 points #4
Chapter 27: Mark has total control over my heart now. Anyone else just wanna wrap him in a cozy blanket and like shower him with compliments and such? Cuz I wanna. His backstory is so tragic. I almost shed a tear or two. I just wanna pat the poot guy in the back.
OmG I loved Maeri's interaction with JB for some reason. They seemed like siblings. Gosh, adorbs. Alice isn't so bad after all! Mark getting jealous is again, hella adorable! I didn't understand what Alice said at the end and I'm thinking maybe only Mark has an explanation for that. Hopefully. Aww I wanna see these guys together already. Like I'm just yelling on my mobile's screen: JUST KISS ALREADY. (I know they did already but my greedy self needs more)
Thanks so so so much for the update. It was splendidnd! Aww you sound super busy! I hope you make time for Mark xP
missseoulmate 0 points #5
Chapter 27: Loved it as always...u know u are spoiling us with all the love and cookies, and of course the update!

Good luck on your exam and fighting!!
Reena_twn 0 points #6
Chapter 26: Juat wanna drop by and say 'I love you♡' XD
SailAwayWithMe #7
Chapter 26: I love cookies, chocolate, and you
laroka0104 #8
Chapter 26: Jealous Mark is the best haha
I loved this chapter, thank you for reviling more of Orion..
I can feel that the next update will be even better..
Btw, also loved their comeback <3
MinnieVane #9
Chapter 26: Finally...You updated when I'm relaxing from homework!! <3
This chapter is amazing as always, I just have to wait patiently for the next update :3 Jealous Mark is sooooooo cuuuute :3 *-*
Their comeback is great, I just hope Jackson gets well soon ):
Oh my god....I feel so protected with these avengers and spiderman xD